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California Bans Caffeinated Beer

The governor signed the bill into law on Monday, which also covers any alcoholic beverages with caffeine.
August 3, 2011

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - While most manufacturers have reformulated their caffeinated beers to delete the caffeine, states continue to ban production and sale of alcoholic beverages containing caffeine.

On Monday, California became the seventh state to ban the sale and production of caffeinated beer when Gov. Jerry Brown signed the law, the Associated Press reports.

Three years ago, regulators and other critics began pressuring manufacturers of such drinks as Joose and Four Loko to take the caffeine out of their beers. Opponents said the sweet, fruit-flavored beers appealed to young drinkers, especially minors.

State Sen. Alex Padilla authored the original bill, saying that caffeinated alcoholic beverages threaten public health because of the way caffeine works to hide the alcohol€™s effect. "The added caffeine masks the effects of the high alcohol content, which can lead to binge drinking and dangerous behavior," he said.

The California Legislature approved the bill last month.