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Cool New Products

New Design

Grab-N-Go Merchandisers

Piper Products

​Piper’s updated Grab-N-Go Merchandisers have been redesigned to offer you longer lasting quality with Rigid PVC Composite Panels and a Stainless Steel interior—all standard. Moisture-resistant panels will never swell or rot from water contact. They have a solid black core to hide incidental scratches, and may still be laminate or vinyl-covered to match any decor. Many options are available including powder-coated interior panels, a roll-down night curtain and more. Shelves adjust to 3 different angled positions, and can be individually lit with optional LED lights. A single, top-mounted LED light is standard. Units are available as hi- or lo-profile, and in 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’ lengths to meet any demand. For more information, contact Paul Fay (715) 212-0554.