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NACS has developed resources and tools to help retailers develop new tools to serve their communities and showcase the results.​​​​​​​​




Being a Good Neighbor
A Guide to Reducing Litter, Managing Trash and Encouraging Recycling at Convenience Stores
The guide provides quick and easy tips for convenience stores to improve their customers’ experience, help the environment and, ultimately, enhance their reputation and bottom line.


Community Toolkit
This interactive guide provides ideas around numerous community-focused areas that retailers of all sizes can implement.


NACS Public Relations Toolkit
This toolkit gives you the resources you need to launch your own publicity efforts in your community, from how to write a press release and crafting talking points to how to pitch an interview and inspire great media coverage.


How Stores Work
Updated July 2017
Addresses common industry issues to allow retailers to tell their stories in their communities.

Fresh Produce Distribution Options

Skimming and Payments Security
Resources and tools to proactively initiate and maintain effective payment security procedures that help reduce the occurrence of skimming.

Fresh Produce Distribution Options

Fresh Produce Distribution Options
Demand is pushing the sales of more fresh items and putting pressure on new distribution options. See how partnering with the right distributor can help.

8 Evidence-Based Ideas for Growth

8 Evidence-Based Ideas for Growth
Eight easy to implement, low-cost, proven examples of how c-store operators can successfully grow their healthy offer and increase sales of better-for-you items.

Grow ‘BFY’ Sales

Grow ‘BFY’ Sales
Strategies to target customers with ‘better-for-you’ items.

Are You Fit for Fresh?

Are You Fit for Fresh?
A checklist to assess whether a specific store should grow its fresh produce offer.


Produce Sales
Analysis of industry and consumer trends with practical ideas to develop an enhanced produce offering in stores.

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap
Strategies to help improve food distribution in underserved communities (developed by The Food Trust with NACS and others).




​By the Numbers

Where America Works
A national consumer survey by NACS found that one in six American adults has worked in a convenience store, gas station or corner store, and that their time in the convenience retail industry gave them valuable experience in working with others and running a successful business.

C-Store Consumers Seek Healthy Products
Consumers’ desire for convenience is a growing trend and a notable c-store opportunity. The number of c-store shoppers interested in healthy foods that can be eaten on-the-go has increased from 59% to 66% in the past seven years, and healthier snacking has become the norm, with 75% of shoppers “interested in snacks that are nutritionally healthy.”

Steady Growth
Convenience stores account for more than one third of all retail locations in the country – and the store count continues to climb. Here are some numbers behind their growth.

Fresh Cut Opportunity
While produce of any kind in c-stores is a good thing, fresh cut produce could be a tremendous untapped opportunity for convenience stores. Overall, estimates put fresh cut sales across all retail channels at $10-15 billion per year.

The Business Case for Produce
The increasing customer demand for fresh produce at convenience stores, combined with advances in distribution and merchandising, have created new opportunities for produce providers, distributors and convenience store retailers to grow sales.




Just a couple of folks talking about matters of convenience.

Convenience Matters is a weekly podcast where cohosts Jeff Lenard of NACS and John Eichberger of the Fuels Institute talk about what they see at stores and what the future may hold for our industry. Listen to past episodes related to the NACS reFresh initiative below.


Protecting Your Food Brand
Episode #82: Aug 14, 2017

A Conversation with Cumberland Farms
Episode #79: Jul 24, 2017

Fueling With Purpose
Episode #78: Jul 17, 2017

Getting Crafty with Beer Sales
Episode #77: Jul 10, 2017

Miracles by Speedway
Episode #74: Jun 19, 2017

Episode #71: May 29, 2017

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Episode #8: Mar 21, 2016


Episode #7: Mar 14, 2016


 NACS Magazine


Relevant NACS Magazine articles on community engagement or nutrition.

Note: NACS Magazine is a member-only benefit. Articles are available to non-members three months after publication. Learn more about joining NACS, or subscribe to NACS Magazine in print.


NACS Partners With the American Red Cross | August 2017
NACS has partnered with the American Red Cross to advance community giving and disaster relief programs for NACS member companies. NACS is the first retail-focused association to partner with the American Red Cross on such a program.

Good Partners | July 2017
Convenience retailers, suppliers and distributors commit to bringing healthier choices to their communities.

Image Changer | June 2017
Edible and perishable grocery options help alter consumers’ perceptions of convenience stores.

Community Toolkit Released | May 2017
NACS has published a new Community Toolkit that provides ideas and real-world examples of community-focused initiatives that retailers of all sizes can implement.

Don’t Be Trashy | February 2017
Litter is among the most highly cited reasons why people don’t want a convenience store in their community.

A Balanced Diet |February 2017
Surveyed consumers insist they want healthy foods, but they also crave waffle breakfast sandwiches and oversized, spicy hot dogs.

Healthy Oasis | February 2017
Kent Mini Mart believes their store shelves show their concern for their neighborhood.

Future Proof | January 2017
Swiss retailer Migrolino invests in logistics and its freshly made food concept.


Small Format, Big Idea | December 2016
We have a big idea—and it involves corners. Technically, corner stores

Myth No More | November 2016
Discovering healthy options at the NACS Show expo is easy.

It’s Play Time | November 2016
Before the NACS Show, industry leaders came together to give back to an Atlanta community.

#30daysofgasstationfood | October 2016
For one month, one man ate exclusively at gas stations, traveling across nine states and visiting more than 200 stores.

Sweet Charity | September 2016
C-stores deepen their commitment to corporate giving.

Local Heroes| September 2016
What words resonate most with consumers? “Free” usually works—but not always, as most of us have received enough junk mail to know that free doesn’t always mean free.

8 Ways to Grow Healthy Sales | August 2016
Eight low-cost—and proven—tactics for how c-store operators can grow their healthy offer.

Family Affair | July 2016
At Lee Delauter & Sons, being a part of the community is in their DNA.

A Different Kind of Recruit | June 2016
Military values paired with the right corporate culture can be a winning combo for both veterans and retailers.

An Eye On Crime | June 2016
Bazzi Oil & Gas teamed up with the Detroit Police Department to pilot a program aimed at reducing crime at convenience stores.

Be a Super Market | June 2016
While grocery departments have shrunk, convenient packaging and fresh produce offer pockets of opportunity for c-stores.

Smoothie Operator | May 2016
Smoothies offer generous margins and incremental beverage sales growth for convenience stores.

Food, Fresh, Friendly | May 2016
Enmarket rebrands itself to highlight a focus on healthy living.

Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow | April 2016
The NACS Foundation recognizes rising industry leaders through the NACS Scholarship Program.

The Snack Attack | April 2016
Jerky, clean-label food bars and other better-for-you alternative snacks gain a following at c-stores.


Family Meals To Go | December 2015
Time-starved customers can turn to their local Square One Markets convenience store for a quick, healthy meal.

Filling a Need | December 2015
Edible and perishable grocery offers retailers a way to provide convenient meals.

The People Difference | November 2015
One retailer boosted culture by hiring individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Blending Health and Convenience | October 2015
New research shows that a certain consumer segment is seeking better-for-you options and can drive profitability.

Zone Support | October 2015
Strategies for retailers seeking zoning approvals.

More Than a Fresh Face | August 2015
Fresh2GO has taken freshness to a new level in a convenience store format.

Open Container | July 2015
The right packaging can encourage shoppers to buy more grab-and-go fresh foods.

Food Focused | July 2015
Fresh, fast, customizable and healthy describe today’s prepared foods in convenience stores. 

The Case for Fresh | April 2015
Selling fruits and veggies in the fast lane.

Good for You and the Bottom Line | April 2015
The Philadelphia Healthy Corner Store Initiative opens up healthful possibilities in convenience stores while adding to their profit margin.

Honest, Abe | February 2015
Both you and Abe Lincoln have something in common: the convenience store industry.

Twofold | January 2015
So is celery the perfect diet food—or is it the perfect delivery system for creamy salad dressing?


Who’s Watching the Store | December 2014
By focusing on the basics, convenience stores can shed their long-standing reputation as crime targets.

24/7 Operations | August 2014
In a recent survey, NACS explores the specter of 24-hour operations and its misperceived ills.

A Healthy Misperception | July 2014
Most consumers are confused or misled—or outright wrong—about the healthfulness of food and where healthy food can be found.

Getting Fresh | June 2014
How one North Carolina retailer has found success—and a healthier life—with fresh produce.

Gauge of Innocence | May 2014
Stiffer penalties prompt more convenience stores to explore electronic age verification technologies.​​

Winning Partnership | March 2014
With the goal of helping his community, one retailer hit the public relations jackpot.

Bars of Gold | February 2014
Offering energy, protein and health, bars can improve your store’s image, attract customers and keep the cash register ringing.


Good for You Drinks Take Root | December 2013
Kombucha, raw juices and other healthy beverages begin their growth phase in convenience stores.

No More SNAP? | December 2013
New restrictions on SNAP could bring hardships for retailers and the low-income customers who rely on the program.

NACS Show Trends in Health and Wellness | November 2013

Promoting Positivity | October 2013
CITGO seeks out the good in local communities with its Fueling Good initiative.

Community Social Responsibility | September 2013
When it comes to social responsibility, convenience stores maintain a special connection with their community that’s more about people than business.


Boycott Backlash | December 2012
When words are exchanged at the intersection of politics and commerce, consumer action often follows.

Wellness at Work | March 2012
Sheetz introduces a large-scale employee health and wellness center.

You’re Under Arrest! | February 2012
The food police — public interest groups and state and national government—are actively pursuing programs and policy to make it criminal (or at least more difficult) to sell certain products in your stores. 


"Let's Move" Fresh Foods | December 2011
Convenience retailers who want to bring healthy and fresh food items into their stores should get moving with perishable groceries.

Nutrition Pioneers | July 2011
Two retailers experiment with healthier offerings and chip away at a long-lasting c-store perception.

So Michael Moore Is at Your Store... | May 2011
Prepare your business for positive public relations opportunities that won't blow up in your face.

Uncover Nutrition | February 2011
Growing consumer demand for good-for-you foods—and more importantly, increasing regulations—will require your stores to promote a healthier image.




Ideas 2 Go
Ideas 2 Go showcases more than 100 segments on exceptional ideas in convenience retailing.

NACS worked with KaBOOM!, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and community volunteers on a 2016 playground build. The group's mission is ensuring that children – particularly the 16 million American children living in poverty – get the active play they need to become healthy and successful adults.

Partnership for a Healthier America
Several NACS retailer and supplier members have committed to the nonpartisan nonprofit organization that works to develop strategies to end childhood obesity. Check out this video produced by PHA highlighting the successes of the convenience retail industry providing healthier choices to consumers.


 Key Contacts


If you’d like to learn more about the NACS reFresh initiative and how your company can benefit from getting involved, please contact:

Jeff Lenard
VP, Strategic Industry Initiatives
(703) 518-4272

Carolyn Schnare
Director, Strategic Initiatives
(703) 518-4248


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