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NACS has developed a number of feature videos looking at the big picture of fueling, addressing both where we are going and where we have been.


 The Future of Fuels


NACS developed a seven-part series examining the future of fuels.

Electric vehicles
Electric vehicles are here; will they change fueling at stores? (part 1 of 7-part series)

New sources for fuels
One company is seeking to make diesel fuel from a new source: bug poop. (part 2 of 7-part series)

Crisis preparations
Louisiana retailer Johnny Milazzo shares how retailers can plan for the unanticipated, such as hurricanes and oil spills. (part 3 of 7-part series)


New fuels
New fuels are already on the market, from ethanol to propane to even hydrogen. Which ones may last? (part 4 of 7-part series)

Study groups
Motor fuels retailing is ultra-competitive, but study groups offer non-competing companies a chance to improve each other’s operations, and give customers a better experience. (part 5 of 7-part series)

Big picture
What fuels experts Tom Kloza and Walter Zimmermann believe is the future for fuels. (part 6 of 7-part series)


NACS and fueling
Over the past 30 years, NACS has profiled a number of innovative fueling ideas that are mainstream today, as well as a few that never quite worked out. (part 7 of 7-part series)


 Washington Auto Show


Unlike other auto shows, the annual Washington Auto Show is the nexus of fuels policy and technology and shows how automakers show policymakers their vision for our transportation future.

Hydrogen Fueled Cars Have Arrived
The first the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle to be sold to the public in the United States is on display. (2014)

Washington Auto Show 2013
The future is today on the floor, with a focus on fuels, contouring, size and intelligent design. (2013)

Future of Fuels: Auto Show 2012
Fuel efficiency to get to CAFÉ standards was a big theme, with more small cars, and both diesel-powered and electric hybrid vehicles on display. (2012)


 How To’s and History


Fill ’Er Up!: 100 Years of Fueling
There are a number of events that shaped fueling since the first purpose-built gas station opened 100 years ago.

Fueling the Future
The concept of fueling changed forever with the introduction of remote access self-service gasoline in 1964.

NACS WeCare program
There are a number of steps that drivers and retailers can do to reduce the likelihood that they will be a target of “skimming.”