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Fuels Resource Center

About the NACS Fuels Resource Center

Everything you need to know about fuels — from the source that knows the subject best.

​Nearly 40 million Americans fill up their gas tanks each and every day. For most people, the task is nothing more than an errand, ranking right up there with picking up the dry cleaning.

But unlike your dry cleaning, myriad factors determine what consumers are willing to pay at the pump, where they choose to purchase fuel and why.

Retail fueling can be a daunting topic, so NACS created the Fuels Resource Center, a one-stop resource to demystify how the market works. On this site, you’ll find:

  • Basics: All the information on retail fueling
  • Petroleum: The scoop on what’s still the leading energy source for vehicles
  • Alternative Fuels: What’s new and what’s next in renewable fuels 
  • Operations: Trending topics for convenience stores owners



​If you have a question about the fueling industry that you would like answered, please contact:

Jeff Lenard
Vice President,
Strategic Industry Initiatives, NACS
(703) 518-4220


John Eichberger
Executive Director,
Fuels Institute
(703) 518-7971