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DOT Proposes Strict Oil-Train Safety Rules
Speed restrictions, braking requirements and new rail car design part of proposal.
Posted Jul 24, 2014

Hydrogen Cars Are Here — What Now?
The alternative fuel cars have hit the market, but a NACS survey finds that consumer education is lacking.
Posted Jul 22, 2014

Natural Gas Station Spurs Economic, Environmental Innovation
New Hampshire community officials embrace natural gas, expect new station to drive business to region.
Posted Jul 18, 2014

Tesla Owner Installs Charging Stations Along 3,700-Mile Route
Chinese businessman takes matters into his own hands, installing 16 stations for public use.
Posted Jul 18, 2014

U.S. Clean Diesel Car Sales Increase 25%
Overall the U.S. car market is up 4.2% the first six months of 2014.
Posted Jul 14, 2014

Forecasters Predict Likelihood of El Niño
Chance of El Nino is about 70% during the Northern Hemisphere summer.
Posted Jul 14, 2014

Oil Prices Expected to Surge Due to Iraq Violence
EIA raises West Texas Intermediate crude price projection to just over $100 per barrel in reaction to continuing unrest.
Posted Jul 10, 2014

In a New Twist, RFS Could Boost Electric Vehicles
EPA announces a rule expanding what fuel sources qualify for the RFS.
Posted Jul 9, 2014

EPA Releases Rule to Alleviate RIN Fraud
New rule responds to several cases of fraudulently generated RINs that hurt smaller renewable fuel producers.
Posted Jul 8, 2014

Gas Prices High, Headed Into Holiday
At a seven-year high, the $3.70 per gallon average is still lower than peak prices from last few years.
Posted Jul 3, 2014

June Auto Sales Unexpectedly Strong
Estimates could place 2014 sales at highest in eight years.
Posted Jul 3, 2014

America's Oil Weapon: The Automobile
Increased domestic production of fuel-efficient vehicles, combined with decreased travel, cushions impact of oil prices.
Posted Jul 1, 2014

Fuel Economy Standards Drive Down Projected Gasoline Use
Demand for diesel fuel expected to rise, with increasing heavy-duty vehicle use.
Posted Jun 27, 2014

Oil Prices Spark Economic Growth Concerns in Europe
Iraq turmoil sending prices higher in European markets.
Posted Jun 24, 2014

‘Sticker Shock’ Coming to California Gas Consumers
Californians will pay an additional 15 cents or more per gallon as a result of a state agency-mandated gas fee.
Posted Jun 23, 2014

Gas Prices May Rise, but Surplus Is Coming
International Energy Agency predicts decreasing U.S. demand for gas, despite recent fluctuation due to Iraq unrest.
Posted Jun 19, 2014

Senators Call for 12-Cent Gas Tax
Proposal would raise $164 million over 10 years to fund federal highway bill.
Posted Jun 19, 2014

First Public CNG Station Opens in Oregon
More than 200 attended the station's grand opening in Eugene.
Posted Jun 16, 2014

Tesla Eyes Expansion of EV Technology
“All of our patents belong to you,” says CEO Elon Musk.
Posted Jun 16, 2014

Self-Serve Fueling Revolution Celebrates 50 Years
John Roscoe flipped the switch at a convenience store in Westminster, Colorado, in 1964 to activate the first U.S. remote access self-service gas pumps.
Posted Jun 9, 2014

California, Texas and Florida Lead U.S. in Diesel and Hybrid Vehicles
Diesel car registrations have increased 30% and hybrids have increased 64% since 2010.
Posted Jun 5, 2014

Marathon Oil Sells Norwegian Operations for Over $2 Billion
Sale is part of the company's plan to focus on the domestic market.
Posted Jun 3, 2014

AAA Releases Annual Green Car Guide
Top two vehicles are electric, but half the top ten spots go to diesel vehicles.
Posted Jun 2, 2014

U.S. Crude Oil Exports Continue to Rise
March exports reached their highest levels in 15 years.
Posted Jun 2, 2014

Eight States to Roll Out Electric Vehicle Plans
California, New York hope to spur sales through consumer incentives and regulatory action.
Posted May 30, 2014

Big Oil Exiting Canadian Gas Station Business
Annual study reveals continued drop in outlets operated by integrated refiner-marketers and continued decrease in the number of retail fuel sites in Canada.
Posted May 21, 2014

E15 Coming to Missouri
Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association expresses concern about potential liability factors associated with misfueling.
Posted May 21, 2014

Summer Travel Season Begins With Memorial Day
Kicking off the summer driving season, more than eight in 10 travelers will be driving to their destinations.
Posted May 19, 2014

EPA Relaxes Summertime Fuel Requirement for Florida, North Carolina Counties
Agency amends the federal Reid Vapor Pressure standard for these areas from 7.8 pounds per square inch (psi) to 9.0 psi.
Posted May 19, 2014

EPA Proposes Updates to Emissions Standards for Refineries
Agency says changes will protect nearby neighborhoods and improve air quality.
Posted May 16, 2014

Consumer Optimism Takes a Big Hit
Monthly NACS survey attributes lowered optimism to bad weather, rising gas prices.
Posted May 13, 2014

College Students Design Hydrogen Fueling Station
International competition called for students to create model for ideal station.
Posted May 12, 2014

Appeals Court Rules Against Oil Industry in RFS Case
The court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency has “wide latitude” in modifying the standards.
Posted May 8, 2014

Government to Establish Northeast Gasoline Reserve
Move comes in response to fuel shortages triggered by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.
Posted May 7, 2014

Love’s Travel Stops to Open Fast-Fill CNG Locations Along I-40
The network will stretch from Amarillo, Texas, to Barstow, Calif.
Posted May 7, 2014

Oil Industry Pleads for No Changes to Ethanol Blend
American Petroleum Institute sends letter asking EPA not to revise fuel standards.
Posted May 2, 2014

U.S. Oil to Double Projections for CNG Stations
Company predicts it will operate more than 100 stations nationwide by 2017.
Posted Apr 30, 2014

Questar to Open New CNG Station
Construction on the public-accessible compressed natural gas station is underway.
Posted Apr 28, 2014

Typical Seasonal Factors Contribute to Recent Rise in Gas Price
The $3.68 average price per gallon on April 21 is 39 cents above the year’s February low.
Posted Apr 24, 2014

Palm Beach county requires clarity for Gas Prices
The commissioners unanimously approved the ordinance that mandates retailers clearly mark gas prices as cash-only when applicable.
Posted Apr 23, 2014

Gulf Coast Crude Oil Inventories Reach Record Level
U.S. Energy Information Administration Gulf Coast inventories reached a record high 207.2 million barrels on April 11.
Posted Apr 18, 2014

Illinois Retailers Oppose Gas Tax Increase
Convenience store operators say they would be unable to absorb a tax increase.
Posted Apr 16, 2014

Iowa House Studying Gas Tax Hike
House lawmakers in Iowa step in after a gas tax proposal fizzles in the Iowa Senate.
Posted Apr 14, 2014

Consumer Optimism Steady Even as Gas Prices Rise
However, Americans might change their driving behavior if gas prices continue to climb.
Posted Apr 9, 2014

EIA: Summer Fuels Outlook
U.S. Energy Information Administration says gasoline retail prices will average $3.45 this summer.
Posted Apr 9, 2014

EPA Administrator Discusses Renewable Fuel Standards
Administrator Gina McCarthy talked about the RFS during the annual meeting of the North American Agricultural Journalists this week.
Posted Apr 9, 2014

GM Puts $449 Million to Develop Electric Cars
Two plants in Michigan will work on Cadillac ELR and Chevrolet Volt models.
Posted Apr 9, 2014

Kloza Goes “Beyond The Screen”
OPIS analyst Tom Kloza outlines the challenges facing fuel retailers in 2014 and beyond at the NACS State of the Industry Summit.
Posted Apr 7, 2014

High Gas Prices No Longer Fueling a Decline in American Driving
AAA says that consumers are changing their behavior as gasoline becomes less expensive compared to previous years.
Posted Apr 7, 2014

Fueling Tomorrow’s Vehicles
NACS State of the Industry Summit education session explored several areas of the future of fuels, including consumer behavior and preferences, recent market trends and the role of the government.
Posted Apr 4, 2014

Biofuels Industry Asks for Tax Credit Extension
The industry wants four tax credits to receive multiyear extensions.
Posted Mar 26, 2014

Super-Sized Gas Stations Fuel Anger of Locals
Locals are resisting efforts by retail companies to build mega stations, opposition that NACS maintains is fueled by “what-ifs.”
Posted Mar 25, 2014

Florida Lawmakers Get Behind Gas Pump Assistance Bill
Proposal would require Florida stations to post contact information so people with disabilities could call for assistance.
Posted Mar 25, 2014

Gas Retailers…in Space?
Scientists have pointed out that space gas depots between the Earth, moon and sun could be viable.
Posted Mar 21, 2014

Methanol an Unlikely Fuel Substitute — For Now
A federal official offers a skeptical view of the U.S. adopting methanol as a substitute for gasoline.
Posted Mar 20, 2014

California Gasoline Demand May Drop 9% by 2020
If vehicle standards are strictly enforced, the decline could be as much as 13%.
Posted Mar 20, 2014

Colorado’s Oil Production Booming
Last year, the state broke an almost six-decade record in producing crude oil.
Posted Mar 19, 2014

Full-Service Retailer Takes Care of Customers
For nearly half a century, Johnnie’s Service Station has provided full customer service in a self-service world.
Posted Mar 19, 2014

New Jersey Legislator Proposes 5-Cent Gas Tax Increase
State Sen. Raymond Lesniak wants to boost the state’s gas tax by 5 cents a gallon a year over three years.
Posted Mar 18, 2014

Kentucky Lawmakers Seek Motor Fuels Tax Hike
Proposal seeks a 1.5 cents a gallon increase from the current level.
Posted Mar 13, 2014

Nothing Can Seem to Derail Current Consumer Optimism
Rising gas prices did nothing to dampen consumer’s positive view of the economy.
Posted Mar 12, 2014

Public Transportation Hits Highest Ridership in 57 Years
Last year, a record 10.7 billion trips were taken on U.S. public transportation.
Posted Mar 12, 2014

E85 Retail Fueling Locations Expanding
While Midwest states continue to add new E85 retail locations, other states are also experiencing rapid growth of E85 availability.
Posted Mar 10, 2014

EPA Releases Final Cleaner Fuel, Car Standards
The agency claims new standards will significantly lower harmful pollution while promoting fuel efficiency in cars and trucks.
Posted Mar 4, 2014

Missouri Governor Pushes E15 Policy
The state could allow the sale of the higher blend as early as summer 2014.
Posted Mar 4, 2014

California Gas Tax to Decline
The per-gallon excise tax on a gallon of regular gasoline in California will decrease 3.5 cents to 36 cents per gallon beginning July 1.
Posted Feb 27, 2014

Ethanol Industry Enjoying Resurgence
Higher corn prices in 2012 forced the industry to “discipline” itself, which led to strong earnings in last year’s final quarter.
Posted Feb 25, 2014

Retailers Promote ‘Look Before You Pump’ Campaign
Lowe's, Walmart and True Value Hardware are encouraging consumers to make sure they don’t use higher ethanol blends above E10 in their small equipment.
Posted Feb 24, 2014

Temperatures, Pump Prices Rise Together
With spring a month away, the annual increase in gasoline prices won’t be far behind.
Posted Feb 21, 2014

Independent Grocers Embrace Gas Sales
More non-chain retailers are installing gasoline pumps on-site or working with local gas stations on incentives programs.
Posted Feb 21, 2014

NACS Publishes Latest Assessment of Fuels Market
The newly released NACS “Future of Fuels” report offers an analysis of U.S. government projections through 2040.
Posted Feb 19, 2014

Tighter Fuel Efficiency Standards Coming for Medium, Heavy-Duty Vehicles
The announcement follows President Obama’s State of the Union vow to have a new standard.
Posted Feb 19, 2014

U.S. Senators Push to Extend Biodiesel Tax Credit
Bill seeks to reform the tax credit, increasing it from $1 to $1.10, as well as extend it by three years.
Posted Feb 18, 2014

Consumer Optimism Inches Upward
More than 80% of consumers surveyed in the latest monthly NACS Consumer Fuels Survey say that gas prices have an impact on their feelings about the economy.
Posted Feb 11, 2014

Tesla Makes History With Cross Country Trek
The Cross Country Rally team drove from Los Angeles to New York City in 76.5 hours, recording the lowest charge time for an electric vehicle traveling across the country.
Posted Feb 10, 2014

Gas Buying Influenced by Loyalty Cards
While such incentives are a growing inducement, more drivers still pick a retailer on cost alone.
Posted Feb 5, 2014

Palm Beach to Decide on Gas Price Posting
The county commissioners will vote on whether stations must advertise on roadside signage that the price listed is for cash-only purchases.
Posted Feb 5, 2014

Oregon Jury Finds BP Debit Fee Unlawfully Charged
Class action suit claims BP didn’t adhere to proper notice requirements in assessing a 35 cent charge to customers who paid for gasoline with a debit card.
Posted Feb 4, 2014

NACS Releases New Retail Fuels Report
The annual NACS Retail Fuels Report helps address a variety of fuels issues before the switchover to summer-blend fuel.
Posted Feb 3, 2014

State Department Releases Environmental Analysis on Keystone XL Pipeline
A new report says that the pipeline will not significantly worsen climate change.
Posted Feb 3, 2014

North Dakota Lawmakers Fighting Changes to Ethanol Standard
North Dakota lawmakers have been pushing the Obama administration to reconsider its proposed changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard.
Posted Jan 28, 2014

Michaels Warns of Possible Data Breach
If confirmed, this would mark the second major data breach by the arts and crafts retailer since 2011.
Posted Jan 28, 2014

Midwest Propane Shortage Worsens
Arctic temperatures have caused a severe propane shortage across the Midwest.
Posted Jan 28, 2014

Husky Promotes Drive-Thru Gas Pump
The future of fueling could be near with the robotic gas pump.
Posted Jan 27, 2014

CountryMark to Offer CNG Fueling Infrastructure
Company will also provide expertise to assist companies as they assess their fuel needs.
Posted Jan 23, 2014

Illinois Gas Tax Decrease Proposed
The proposal reduces the state’s gas tax by 5%.
Posted Jan 23, 2014

Kwik Trip Kicks Off 2014 With Two New CNG Stations
The chain has added the two sites in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with three more CNG stations slated for opening later this year.
Posted Jan 21, 2014

MAPCO to Offer E15 in 2014
E15 will be offered at new MAPCO locations at all fueling dispensers, excluding diesel.
Posted Jan 16, 2014

New York Announces Generator Grants
The state is now accepting applications from gasoline stations along evacuation routes and interstates for funds to buy and install backup generators.
Posted Jan 15, 2014

Birmingham, Ala., to Get CNG Station
The station will continue to expand the reach of compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel.
Posted Jan 15, 2014

Diesel Fuel Shortage Impacting North Dakota Haulers
Cold weather sparks demand in No. 1 diesel fuel, creating long lines for truckers.
Posted Jan 14, 2014

Hess Officially Sheds Gasoline Stations
The oil producer has finally filed the paperwork to spin off its network of stations across the United States.
Posted Jan 10, 2014

Toyota Moves Up Fuel-Cell Car Launch to 2015
Engineers make faster progress than expected and the vehicles already have logged more than a million test miles in North America.
Posted Jan 9, 2014

WMDA Reminds Members to Take Advantage of Fuel Up Maryland
Up to $25,000 in financial assistance is available for stations that install generators.
Posted Jan 9, 2014

Brazilian Ethanol Production Runs Into Roadblock
The sector, once a growing force in the country, has seen setbacks of late.
Posted Jan 3, 2014

Pennsylvania Gas Tax Hike to Be Felt at the Pump
Suppliers are tasked with collecting the new wholesale gasoline tax, which retailers have said will be passed on to drivers.
Posted Jan 2, 2014

Iowa’s Ethanol Industry Uneasy Entering 2014
In the country’s largest ethanol-producing state, companies are waiting uneasily for the EPA to finalize the Renewable Fuel Standard.
Posted Dec 31, 2013

GasBuddy Offers 2014 Fuel Price Outlook
GasBuddy analysts say that U.S. gasoline prices will see huge swings and regional volatility in 2014, but the average price will drop by about 10 cents a gallon from 2013 numbers.
Posted Dec 30, 2013

Year-End Holiday Travelers to Near 95 Million
Nearly 30% of Americans are expected to take a trip this holiday season.
Posted Dec 24, 2013

U.S. Oil Production to Reach Record Levels Again
The national crude oil production will close in on record highs within three years.
Posted Dec 18, 2013

Copious Corn Harvest Boosts Ethanol Production
U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that record corn harvests in 2013 have helped lower corn prices since this summer.
Posted Dec 16, 2013

It’s Not Quite ‘Bah, Humbug!’ But Consumer Pessimism Lingers
Results from the latest NACS Consumer Fuels Survey show that even with relatively low gas prices, consumers are pessimistic about the economy.
Posted Dec 10, 2013

RFS Proposal Challenges Ethanol in Gasoline
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard could limit ethanol blending into the nation’s retail fuel supply, USA Today reports.
Posted Dec 9, 2013

‘Gasoline’ Captures 50 Years of Fuel Retailing
A collection of photos showcases America’s relationship with gasoline stations.​
Posted Dec 9, 2013

Pennsylvania Gas Tax Increase Could Lead to Higher Prices at Pump
Suppliers say that they could end up passing along the tax hike to consumers.
Posted Dec 3, 2013

Seminole Tribe, Florida Feuding Over Gas Tax
At issue is whether Seminole vehicles filling up at gas stations that are off Seminole property but used on tribal lands are subject to Florida’s state fuel tax.
Posted Nov 27, 2013

The Modern Gas Station Celebrates 100th Anniversary
The anniversary celebration later this week may also provide an opportunity for you to celebrate your history with local reporters.
Posted Nov 26, 2013

New York Gas Stations Fret Over Generator Conversion Costs
Some point out that the state grants aren’t enough to recoup the outlay for the additions.
Posted Nov 22, 2013

Alternative Fuel Vehicles to Gain Traction
Growth of vehicles powered by alternative fuels will grow over the next 10 years, according to the Fuels Institute.
Posted Nov 19, 2013

Gasoline Prices Close to 2013 Low
However, experts predict that the cost of gasoline has hit bottom and will not dip lower.
Posted Nov 19, 2013

EPA Proposes 2014 Renewable Fuel Standards
The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to lower the amount of ethanol that refiners will be required to blend into the gasoline supply in 2014.
Posted Nov 18, 2013

IEA Predicts United States Will Lead in Oil Output by 2015
The agency also forecasts that OPEC will regain leverage after 2020.
Posted Nov 15, 2013

Consumers Like ‘Green’ Car Options
However, consumers are more willing to embrace new fuels and vehicles when it makes sense financially.
Posted Nov 14, 2013

Vilsack: Low Demand, Blend Wall Limit U.S. Ethanol Expansion
U.S. Agriculture Secretary said that the U.S. should move to expand the distribution network of ethanol and promote its use in aviation and marine fuel.
Posted Nov 12, 2013

The Widening Gulf in Gasoline Prices
E10 prices have dropped, while regular gasoline prices have climbed.
Posted Nov 6, 2013

Convenience Retailers Fuel the Capitol Christmas Tree
Across the country, gasoline stations will provide the fuel and refreshments for the 2013 Capitol Christmas Tree’s journey from Washington State to the Capitol.
Posted Nov 4, 2013

Pump Prices Continue to Plummet
A new survey by AAA finds that 13% of U.S. gasoline stations sell gas for under $3 per gallon.
Posted Nov 4, 2013

New York and New Jersey Work to Prevent Gas Outages
Hurricane Sandy’s legacy has led the two states to ensure some gasoline stations have backup power, while New York will have an emergency gasoline reserve.
Posted Oct 30, 2013

The Ultimate Fullservice
Husky Corporation and Fuelmatics have developed a robotic pump to fill gas tanks.
Posted Oct 30, 2013

AAA to EPA: Ease the Ethanol Mandate
The EPA is considering lowering the ethanol mandate for 2014, according to the Wall Street Journal, which has reviewed the agency’s draft 2014 standard.
Posted Oct 29, 2013

States Pledge 3.3 Million Zero Emission Vehicles Operating by 2025
Governors from California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont signed the agreement.
Posted Oct 25, 2013

Oregon Expands Pilot for Highway Tax Tied to Miles Driven
The state will track 5,000 motorists in the pilot program through a variety of recording devices.
Posted Oct 23, 2013

Dollar General Introduces New Fueling Station
The retailer embarks on a fuel pump pilot project at an Alabama location.
Posted Oct 23, 2013

Virginia Governor Candidate Wants Transportation Decisions Made Locally
Part of gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s plan would allow localities to raise “additional funds if needed on their own.”
Posted Oct 23, 2013

New Jersey Stations Hit by Sandy Could Receive Generator Grants
The state will give $7 million in grants to more than 250 gasoline stations that lost power last year because of Hurricane Sandy.
Posted Oct 23, 2013

American Petroleum Institute Threatens Government Lawsuit
API says it will sue the Obama administration if environmental regulators do not release the final 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard by the end of November.
Posted Oct 21, 2013

Buy Gas Online? Why Not?
An online auction concept allows Colorado motorists to bid for their fill-ups.
Posted Oct 21, 2013

Consumer Pessimism Deepens Despite Gas Price Declines
Overall, 65% of consumers say that they are pessimistic about the economy, despite a 22-cent drop in gas prices over the past month, according to the latest monthly NACS Consumer Fuels Survey.
Posted Oct 16, 2013

California Embraces Hydrogen Stations
The state has committed $20 million annually for the next decade to add 100 fuel-cell filling stations.
Posted Oct 16, 2013

Gasoline Prices Fall by 18 Cents Per Gallon
The EIA predicts that Brent crude oil prices will continue to drop.
Posted Oct 9, 2013

Waste Not, Fuel Up
Clean Energy becomes the first commercial distributor of transportation fuel made from waste.
Posted Oct 4, 2013

Daimler to Shell Out Millions for Hydrogen Filling Stations
The car company is teaming up with other oil and gas businesses to build a network of hydrogen stations in Germany.
Posted Oct 2, 2013

Britain Moves Forward With ‘No Insurance, No Fuel’ Plan
The Prime Minister’s plan would use automatic number plate recognition at the fuel pumps to bar uninsured drivers from filling up.
Posted Oct 2, 2013

EPA Delays Tier 3 Rules
Starting in 2017, the Tier 3 rule sets new vehicle emissions standards and lowers the sulfur content of gasoline.​
Posted Sep 30, 2013

Illinois Lawmakers Move to Eliminate State Gas Sales Tax
An Illinois lawmaker has proposed eliminating the state's 6.25% sales tax on motor fuels sales.
Posted Sep 24, 2013

Volkswagen EVs on a Two-Year Plan
The auto manufacture says it plans to bring electric vehicles to the United States in 2015.
Posted Sep 23, 2013

Canadian City Requires New Gas Stations to Offer Alternative Fuels
The law states that new or renovated stations have charging stations or other alternative fueling options.
Posted Sep 23, 2013

Idaho Retailer Answers a Call for Help
A senior citizen wrote to the general manager to request assistance to pump gas this winter.
Posted Sep 23, 2013

California Fuel Standard Upheld
A federal appeals court rules that the “innovative” California standard isn’t unfair just because it assigns a higher carbon intensity score to ethanol produced in the Midwest.
Posted Sep 20, 2013

New York May Eliminate Overhead Fire Suppression Systems at Gas Stations
An assemblyman is objecting to an advisory board recommendation to no longer require such systems.
Posted Sep 18, 2013

Walking the Walk
Kwik Trip uses CNG and LNG vehicles to “burn what we sell.”
Posted Sep 18, 2013

SEC Presses Oil Companies on Reserves
Billiton Ltd. and ConocoPhillips have joined Exxon Mobil Corp. and Anadarko PetroleumCorp. in agreeing to detail how much of their fuel is crude rather than liquids derived from natural gas.
Posted Sep 17, 2013

Fuel Efficiency Reaches Record High
Cars and trucks sold last month averaged 24.9 miles per gallon in fuel economy, nearly five miles per gallon higher than in October 2007.
Posted Sep 12, 2013

Valero Urges EPA to Waive Ethanol Mandate
The cost of compliance is too high, writes Valero in a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.
Posted Sep 12, 2013

Consumer Pessimism Continues Its Worrisome Climb
However, pump prices are not the likely culprit.
Posted Sep 11, 2013

Gasoline Prices Predicted to Rise Slightly
Unplanned disruptions among OPEC and supply problems in Libya drove crude oil prices upward.
Posted Sep 11, 2013

Report Claims Possible Fraud in Horizon Oil Spill Fund
Despite findings that some lawyers may have engaged in fraud overseeing payments of the Deepwater Horizon settlement fund, payments should continue to be made, says former FBI director Louis Freeh.
Posted Sep 10, 2013

Audi Gets Behind Clean Diesel
A new ad campaign shows how an Audi TDI can get from New York to Chicago on a single tank of gas.
Posted Sep 9, 2013

Stripes CNG Station Open for Business
The c-store chain recently opened the first of two public access compressed natural gas fueling sites in Midland, Texas.
Posted Sep 9, 2013

U.S. Energy Production Gives Economy Much-Needed Boost
The increase in U.S. natural gas and oil production has had a larger impact on the nation’s economy than predicted.
Posted Sep 5, 2013

Ethanol Group Firing Back at Critics
Growth Energy launched an aggressive advertising campaign to counter its critics.
Posted Sep 3, 2013

Wawa Offering Stiff Competition to Orlando Airport Stations
Wawa opens its Orlando Airport-area station with gas prices that are nearly half those of its two nearest competitors.
Posted Sep 3, 2013

Kwik Trip Celebrates Opening of 15th Compressed Natural Gas Station
The CNG station is located in Janesville, Wisconsin.
Posted Aug 30, 2013

Yeah, But Can It Pump Gas?
Nissan is expected to launch self-driving cars by 2020.
Posted Aug 29, 2013

AAA: 34.1 Million Traveling for Labor Day
This is the highest number since the recession kept drivers at home.
Posted Aug 28, 2013

World Petroleum Use Sets Record High in 2012
Despite declines in North America and Europe, the world’s consumption of fuel reached a record high of nearly 89 million barrels per day.
Posted Aug 27, 2013

Crude Moves Steadily on Trains, Boats and Trucks
More U.S. oil is transported throughout the country via truck, barge and train than at any point since 1981.
Posted Aug 27, 2013

Kwip Trip Takes on Natural Gas
The Midwestern convenience and fuel retailer has opened 14 CNG stations with plans to reach a total of 25 this year.
Posted Aug 26, 2013

Consumers Increasingly Pessimistic Heading into the Fall
Gasoline prices top the list as reasons for the gloom, according to a recent NACS survey.
Posted Aug 23, 2013

BP Settles Bad Gas Lawsuit
The oil company will pay back consumers who bought tainted fuel from close to 600 Midwestern gasoline stations.
Posted Aug 23, 2013

Are Oil Companies Limiting Access to Ethanol? Lawmakers Want Answers
Two senators are urging an investigation as to whether oil companies may have engaged in anti-competitive practices to limit consumer access to ethanol.
Posted Aug 22, 2013

Maryland Energy Administration Launches Service Station Energy Resiliency Grant Program
The “Fuel Up Maryland” program will give service stations funds to pre-wire for backup power generators.
Posted Aug 16, 2013

Is All Gasoline Really the Same?
Jeff Lenard, vice president of industry advocacy with NACS, shines some light on the subject.
Posted Aug 16, 2013

Oil Industry Pushes for Reduction in Ethanol Mandate
Consumers would suffer “severe economic harm,” the American Petroleum Institute and the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers tell the EPA, unless the ethanol requirement for 2014 is reduced.
Posted Aug 15, 2013

Governor Cuomo Announces Change in State Fuel Tax Law
Fuel distributors in New York will now pay state taxes when product is loaded onto a fuel truck and removed from the storage terminal, not at the time of purchase.
Posted Aug 15, 2013

Barred From New Government Contracts, BP Sues EPA
BP is requesting a ruling that the EPA suspension is illegal and to end it immediately.
Posted Aug 14, 2013

Supply Surplus Brings U.S. Retail Gas Prices Down
With refiners keeping production capacity high and supply therefore high, U.S. retail gas prices have fallen more than seven cents in the past two weeks.
Posted Aug 13, 2013

EPA Issues Renewable Fuel Requirements for 2013
The agency indicates that 2014 levels might be revised downward to avoid the blend wall, an action advocated by NACS.
Posted Aug 7, 2013

Short-Term Energy Outlook: Oil Demand Strong
The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects the retail price of regular gasoline to average $3.59 per gallon during Q3.
Posted Aug 7, 2013

TransCanada Unveils East Pipeline Project to Saint John
The new pipeline would ship more than 1 million barrels of fuel per day from Canada's western oil patch to the country’s east coast.
Posted Aug 5, 2013

U.S. Biodiesel Production Reached Record Level in May
The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that biodiesel plants produced 111 million gallons that month.
Posted Aug 1, 2013

The Case of the Disappearing Pure Gasoline
More N.D. gas stations are easing out of offering non-ethanol gasoline.
Posted Jul 30, 2013

Consumers Began 3rd Quarter With Renewed Optimism, But…
A large percentage say that rising gasoline prices have colored their feelings about the econo​my.​
Posted Jul 29, 2013

Customers Embrace Full-Service Gasoline
As more full-service stations close shop, consumers flock to the few that are still in business.
Posted Jul 29, 2013

Gas Prices Spike, Oil Speculation Soars
Within the past 30 days, the cost of WTI crude oil increased 15% to top $108 per barrel.
Posted Jul 25, 2013

Washington Report: NACS Participates in RFS Hearing on Capitol Hill
Joe Petrowski of The Cumberland Gulf Group will offer an industry perspective on the Renewable Fuels Standard during a House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee hearing that begins on Tuesday, July 23.
Posted Jul 22, 2013

ChargePoint Expands Electric Charging Stations
The company is set to launch its CT4000, which allows two electric cars to charge at the same time.
Posted Jul 19, 2013

Gulf Oil Partners With Hyperfuels
Hyperfuels will market Gulf Racing Fuel to race tracks and performance retailers throughout the country.
Posted Jul 19, 2013

Oil Industry Launches Ad Campaign to Repeal RFS
The American Petroleum Institute is focusing its new ad campaign on what the Renewable Fuels Standard will cost consumers.
Posted Jul 17, 2013

Dutch Gas Stations Sue Government Over EV Stations
Gas station owners are claiming unfair competition from a network of 200-plus electric vehicle charging stations that are rolling out across the country this September.
Posted Jul 16, 2013

Why We Ask for a ZIP Code at the Pump
The store itself doesn’t need a customer’s ZIP code for customers fueling at the pump, but the pump does.
Posted Jul 15, 2013

Gas Prices Expected to Surge
Prices at the pump could climb 15 to 20 cents over the next two weeks, according to news reports.
Posted Jul 15, 2013

Israel Gas Stations Miss the Mark
Several stations in Israel have been cited for employing too much sulfur or water in their gasoline.
Posted Jul 12, 2013

EIA Provides Extra Storm Tracking Assistance
A new online tool from the Energy Information Administration helps energy producers track possible power disruptions caused by tropical storms and hurricanes.
Posted Jul 11, 2013

Hutch’s Sees Opportunity With CNG
The Oklahoma retailer is bringing the public up to speed on the advantages of natural gas.
Posted Jul 8, 2013

Connecticut Gas Stations to Change Pump Nozzles by 2015
Gas stations that dispense more than 10,000 gallons per month will be required to change their pump nozzles by July 1, 2015.
Posted Jul 5, 2013

Washington Report: NACS Urges EPA to Maintain Current Sulfur Caps
A letter to the Environmental Protection Agency addresses industry concerns about a proposed Tier 3 Motor Vehicle Emission and Fuel Standards rule and test fuel specification changes.
Posted Jul 2, 2013

Gas Prices Could Lead to 2nd Quarter High Note
Gasoline prices continue to have a significant effect on consumers’ perceptions of the overall economy, according to the latest findings of the monthly NACS Consumer Fuels Survey.
Posted Jun 26, 2013

Connecticut’s Gas Tax Increase Frustrates Retailers
The state’s gas tax will be 26 cents higher than Massachusetts and 16 cents more than Rhode Island.
Posted Jun 26, 2013

U.S. Supreme Court Passes on Hearing Challenge to E15
The justices upheld an appeals court decision without comment, which nixes any other legal challenges to E15.
Posted Jun 25, 2013

House Energy and Commerce Committee Holds RFS Hearings
A series of hearings on the Renewable Fuel Standard begins on Wednesday.
Posted Jun 25, 2013

President Obama Takes On Global Warming
Today the president will offer his plan for tackling climate change.
Posted Jun 25, 2013

Gone in 90 Seconds
Tesla unveiled a 90-second battery pack for its Model S that can be swapped out in less time than it takes to fill up at the pump.
Posted Jun 24, 2013

Wichita Welcomes CNG Station
A new compressed natural gas fueling location is now open to the public.
Posted Jun 24, 2013

Costco Tops List as Most Popular Gas Station
According to a recent Market Force survey, wholesale clubs continue to lure customers to their pumps.
Posted Jun 19, 2013

U.S. Exports Oil to the World
For the first time since the 1970s, the United States is exporting more oil.
Posted Jun 19, 2013

Automakers Reluctant to Sell Zero-Emission Vehicles
Car manufacturers are under pressure to meet California’s sales target of having electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen-powered cars account for 15% of new-car purchases by 2025.
Posted Jun 18, 2013

Diesel Cars Making a Green Comeback
Registrations for diesel cars and SUVs increased 55% in California from 2010 to 2012.
Posted Jun 17, 2013

Oklahoma Senator: Refiners to Close Because of Renewable Fuel Policies
U.S. Senator Tom Coburn pointed to the high Renewable Fuel Standards credits as the main reasons two refineries in his state could shut down.
Posted Jun 14, 2013

Natural Gas, Renewables Find Common Ground in Texas
The two energy sources should complement, not compete, with each other in the Lone Star State.
Posted Jun 14, 2013

Michigan Attorney General Warns Fuel Retailers Against Price Gouging
Amid rising gas prices, Attorney General Bill Schuette issued a stern warning to retailers that the state will take action if they gouge consumers at the pump.
Posted Jun 13, 2013

NACS Survey: Evolve the Renewable Fuels Standard
To examine current market conditions, NACS surveyed both consumers and fuel retailers to assess their familiarity with E15 and E85.
Posted Jun 11, 2013

Virginia Launches Cents-Per-Gallon Gas Tax
The nation’s first CPG gas tax takes effect July 1, 2013.
Posted Jun 11, 2013

Connecticut Approves Measure to Halt Vapor Recovery Equipment
Pending the governor’s signature, retailers in the state will be able to remove Stage II vapor recovery systems from their fuel pumps.
Posted Jun 7, 2013

E15 Still Available at Iowa Gas Stations
The Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa disputes claims that Big Oil is shutting out homegrown E15.
Posted Jun 5, 2013

Pennsylvania Program Encourages Natural Gas Vehicle Conversion
State officials are providing up $10 million in incentives for companies and organizations to convert vehicles to run on natural gas.
Posted Jun 4, 2013

Iowa Bill Would Prohibit Biofuel Restrictions
The state House and Senate have approved what’s being called the retailer’s “bill of rights.”
Posted May 31, 2013

Maryland Retailers Protest Gas Tax
Local gas station owners in Frederick put up banners to let their customers know that a gas tax increase will take effect on July 1.
Posted May 30, 2013

Midwest Sees Gasoline Price Hikes
Low inventory, high oil prices and refinery shutdowns contributed to record-breaking pump prices in the heartland.
Posted May 29, 2013

OPEC Eyes U.S. Shale Oil Boom
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries could clash over how it responds to the growing challenge from U.S. shale oil.
Posted May 28, 2013

Overall Memorial Day Travel Down
AAA predicts fewer people will be leaving home this weekend, but gas prices are not the reason.
Posted May 24, 2013

Florida Governor Considers Ethanol Mandate Repeal
A bill that passed the Florida House and Senate would end a requirement for all gasoline sold in the state to contain 9% to 10% ethanol.
Posted May 22, 2013

Americans Optimistic and Ready to Travel
Consumers will likely enjoy their summer vacation more because they are feeling better about the economy, according to the recent NACS Consumer Fuels Survey.​
Posted May 21, 2013

Are Natural Gas Cars Next?
Trade group previews several retrofitted cars to run on compressed natural gas, hoping to stimulate industry interest.
Posted May 21, 2013

U.S. Government Authorizes Second Proposed LNG Export Facility
Proponents say that exporting natural gas from the U.S. will help advance the adoption of clean-burning fuels around the world.
Posted May 20, 2013

Op-Ed: Gas Station Owners Are Not Schemers
Sal Risalvato responds to a news story charging one retailer with scamming customers.
Posted May 17, 2013

States Consider Taxing Electric Vehicle Owners
Some states may decide to start taxing electric vehicle owners in an effort to regain lost revenue at the pump.
Posted May 14, 2013

NACS Shares Industry's Perspectives on Natural Gas
NACS is joining a diverse group of industry stakeholders at one of three Natural Gas Forums hosted by the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
Posted May 13, 2013

BP Cherry Point Refinery Celebrates New Diesel, Hydrogen Units
The new diesel hydrotreater unit features a production capacity of 25,000 barrels per day, and a new hydrogen unit is capable of generating 44 million standard cubic feed of hydrogen per day.
Posted May 10, 2013

Will the Gas Station Become Extinct?
As American fuel consumption drops, so will the number of gas stations in a classic case of low demand shuttering the supply.
Posted May 8, 2013

New York Gas Stations Settle Price-Gouging Claims
The state’s attorney general had sued 25 stations for alleged price gouging after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast.
Posted May 3, 2013

Massachusetts Town Votes to Block Self-Serve Gas Stations
Arlington residents want to keep things status quo since self-service at the pump was outlawed in 1975.
Posted May 2, 2013

Long Haul Embraces Natural Gas
The trucking industry has begun to shift away from petroleum to natural gas for fueling.
Posted May 1, 2013

Washington Suburb Losing Gas Stations
The high cost of real estate is pushing out many convenience and fuel retailers.
Posted May 1, 2013

Shell Marketers Partner With RINAlliance
The National Association of Shell Marketers and RINAlliance are working together on renewable fuels solutions.
Posted May 1, 2013

U.S. Diesel Car Registrations Increase by 24%
California, Massachusetts and New York are the fastest growing states for diesel car sales, while Texas, California and Florida have the most diesels on the road.
Posted Apr 29, 2013

California Legislator Proposes New Office for Gas Price Investigations
The Office of Fuel Price Investigation and Manipulation Prevention would handle consumer complaints of possible price fixing.
Posted Apr 17, 2013

EIA Forecasts Lower Gas Prices This Summer
The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that regular gasoline will average $3.63 a gallon this summer, a six-cent drop from the summer of 2012.
Posted Apr 15, 2013

Butanol vs. Ethanol
Forbes reports that ethanol could be on its way out in the next 10 years thanks to a scientific breakthrough.
Posted Apr 15, 2013

To Meet Future Fuel Demand, Challenges Have to Be Overcome
NACS highlights some of the major challenges the industry will face in meeting the demands of the Renewable Fuels Standard and new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.
Posted Apr 11, 2013

NACS Responds to U.S. House Committee on Blend Wall, RFS
The association provided answers to questions raised from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce regarding issues related to the Renewable Fuels Standard.
Posted Apr 10, 2013

Propel Fuels Brings Renewable Fuels to Fresno
The new Clean Mobility Center is offering drivers E85, biodiesel and carbon offsets at the pump.
Posted Apr 10, 2013

Fuel Efficient Cars Cause Gas Sales to Plummet in the U.K.
According to the Automobile Association, the drop in fuel sales translates to about 35 days of lost sales for U.K. retailers.
Posted Apr 9, 2013

Massachusetts Lawmakers Outline Bump in Gas, Cigarette Taxes
The bill would add 3 cents per gallon to the state’s gasoline tax. In addition, the measure would increase the cigarette tax by $1.
Posted Apr 4, 2013

Florida Bill Allows Gas Stations to Offer Pure Gasoline
The measure would amend the Florida Renewable Fuel Standard to remove the requirement that all gas has some ethanol.
Posted Apr 3, 2013

Walmart Gives Gas Discount
The retailer will give a discount to shoppers who pay with a Walmart MoneyCard or credit card.
Posted Apr 3, 2013

Cigarette Tax Hike Proposal Frustrates Retailers
Honey Farms exec explains in a Boston Herald op-ed why Governor Patrick’s proposal to increase the state cigarette tax in Massachusetts would hurt retailers.
Posted Apr 2, 2013

Wawa vs. Sheetz: Battling for Market Share in the Keystone State
The Philadelphia Inquirer features the state’s long-standing c-store rivalry, underscoring the mutual respect each one shows for the other.
Posted Apr 2, 2013

EPA Proposes Cleaner Fuels and Cars Standard
The proposed Tier 3 fuel regulations are designed to ensure that future vehicle models reduce emissions, are more efficient and save money at the pump; however, members of Congress and the American Petroleum Institute disagree.
Posted Apr 1, 2013

Valero Brings Ethanol Plants Back Online in Midwest
During the 2012 drought, Valero idled three ethanol plants in Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska.
Posted Mar 25, 2013

Chevron Partners With Safeway for Fuel Discounts
More than 650 Northern California Chevron stations will offer fuel discounts tied to Safeway supermarket purchases.
Posted Mar 21, 2013

EPA Report Shows Gains in Fuel Economy
The government estimates that between 2007 and 2012, fuel economy values increased by 16% while carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by 13%.
Posted Mar 18, 2013

Is the Worst Over for Consumer Pessimism?
The latest NACS Consumer Fuels Survey reveals that consumer pessimism about the economy hasn't increased recently, and it's likely consumers feel better days are coming.
Posted Mar 15, 2013

Ethanol Mandate Proving Costlier for Oil Refiners
Since January 14, the price of an ethanol credit has increased tenfold.
Posted Mar 12, 2013

Flyers Energy Enters Southern California Fuel Market
Flyers Energy distributed 560 million gallons of fuel to retail and wholesale customers in 2012.
Posted Mar 11, 2013

General Motors Calls for Natural Gas Station Network
Daniel Akerson, chairman and CEO, said the car company is building more natural-gas vehicles, but that more infrastructure is needed throughout the country.
Posted Mar 8, 2013

Maryland Governor Pushes New Gas Tax
The sales tax on gasoline at the wholesale level would help fund transportation projects.
Posted Mar 6, 2013

Gas Price Spike Sends Motorists Shopping for Deals
Pessimism over gas prices is affecting more than just behavior at the pump.
Posted Mar 5, 2013

State Department Reports on Keystone Pipeline's Impact
A draft government report issued on Friday reveals that the Keystone XL pipeline project is environmentally sound.
Posted Mar 4, 2013

U.S. Oil Production Tops 7 Million Barrels
Daily oil output has reached the highest amount in 20 years.
Posted Mar 1, 2013

Natural Gas Fuels Kwik Trip Success
The convenience store chain's nine natural gas fueling stations are performing better than anticipated, with surprising sales gains for light-duty vehicles.
Posted Feb 27, 2013

NACS Publishes Assessment of Fuels Market Through 2040
The new report helps retailers understand where the market is heading and which fuels are likely to be the dominant products consumed in the coming years.
Posted Feb 26, 2013

Virginia Lawmakers Vote on Gas Tax
The new wholesale tax will be tied to economic growth and inflation, a change that could cost motorists as much as $15 more a month in gasoline.
Posted Feb 26, 2013

Economic Uncertainty Grows as Gas Prices Climb
A recent NACS Consumer Survey reveals that recent spikes in gas prices are causing consumers to have a pessimistic outlook on the overall state of economy.
Posted Feb 25, 2013

NY Governor Calls for Rewiring of Generators
Governor Cuomo wants a third of all state retail fuels locations to have the proper wiring for backup power.
Posted Feb 22, 2013

API Appeals E15 Decision to U.S. Supreme Court
API is petitioning the Supreme Court to review an appeals court decision that preserved the EPA's decision to allow E15 fuel in the marketplace.
Posted Feb 22, 2013

High Gas Prices Could Mean $4 Gas This Summer
With several months to go before the summer driving season, the early bump in gasoline prices has analysts and motorists concerned.
Posted Feb 21, 2013

Virginia Legislators Reach Gas Tax Deal
The compromise deal would eliminate the state's gas tax and replace it with a wholesale tax on gas and diesel.
Posted Feb 21, 2013

Fuels Institute Names Inaugural Directors
Bill Douglass will serve as chairman of the board, Jay Ricker as treasurer and John Eichberger as secretary of the nonprofit think tank that was announced last week at the NACS Leadership Forum.
Posted Feb 20, 2013

Washington Report: U.S. Senators Seek to Limit Ethanol in Gasoline
Senators Roger Wicker and David Vitter say that E15 has been found to cause engine damage, reduce fuel efficiency, and contribute to higher corn prices and rising food costs.
Posted Feb 18, 2013

Tim Hortons Pilots Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
In Canada, the restaurant/QSR chain is partnering with Oakville Hydro and the town of Oakville on the project.
Posted Feb 15, 2013

NACS Unveils The Fuels Institute
Announced yesterday at the NACS Leadership Forum, The Fuels Institute is a research-oriented think tank dedicated to evaluating the market issues related to consumer vehicles and the fuels that power them.
Posted Feb 14, 2013

EPA Wants Separate E10 Pumps at Certain Stations Also Selling E15
The agency has issued new guidelines to help avoid consumer misuse of the ethanol blends.
Posted Feb 13, 2013

Gas Station Generators Won't Stop Fuel Shortages
The New Jersey Gasoline, Convenience Store and Automotive Association explains why a proposed bill to require backup power at retailers would not have sidestepped the fuel crisis that Superstorm Sandy triggered.
Posted Feb 13, 2013

U.S. Automakers Hope to Boost Diesel Profile
Can new diesel-powered vehicles coming to market by automakers such as Chevy and Jeep boost the fuel's widespread adoption in the United States?
Posted Feb 11, 2013

Gasoline Consumption Remains Down
The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that gasoline demand is down, but prices at the pump could remain high.
Posted Feb 8, 2013

Virginia Association Supports Gasoline Tax Increase
The group believes that such a move will help solve the state's transportation funding problems.
Posted Feb 8, 2013

Station Owners Say Prepay Siphons Sales
Some retailers in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, want to reverse a city ordinance that requires customers to prepay before they fill up.
Posted Feb 8, 2013

California Sues BP, Alleging UST Violations
California alleges BP West Coast Products, BP Products North America and Atlantic Richfield failed to properly inspect and maintain USTs at more than 780 gas stations in California.
Posted Feb 7, 2013

Hess Puts Terminals on Auction Block
The move comes amid other decisions by oil companies to separate the refining of oil and gas from the exploring/extracting of fuel.
Posted Feb 6, 2013

Gas Prices Weigh Heavily on Consumer Minds
Price is the dominant reason why consumers buy fuel at a particular location, according to the newly released NACS Consumer Fuels Report.
Posted Feb 4, 2013

Tapping Fracking's Potential
A trio of eastern states might be on the forefront of the next energy boom.
Posted Feb 1, 2013

Ethanol Fight May Advance to Supreme Court
The API is floating the idea of petitioning the Supreme Court to consider a recent E15 decision that upheld the fuel's use in the marketplace.
Posted Jan 31, 2013

European Union Announces Ambitious Alternative Fuels Plan
The proposal would establish more alternative fuel distribution infrastructures across the European Union.
Posted Jan 28, 2013

Court Strikes Down Cellulosic Biofuel Mandate
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit acknowledged the goals of the RFS program, but rejected EPA's argument that an aggressive cellulosic mandate was needed to force new technology into the marketplace.
Posted Jan 28, 2013

Nebraska Backs New Keystone Pipeline Route
The governor told the federal government that the new route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline would avoid the state's environmentally sensitive Sandhills area.
Posted Jan 23, 2013

CNG Stations Coming to West Virginia
IGS Energy announced plans to build a network of compressed natural gas fueling stations along Interstate 79.
Posted Jan 21, 2013

Pennsylvania Governor Calls for New Gas Station Tax
The transportation plan would eliminate a statutory cap on the oil company franchise tax.
Posted Jan 18, 2013

U.S. Court Denies Challenge to E15 Ruling
The federal court won't rehear a challenge to EPA's mandate for use of E15 in model-year 2001 and newer light-duty vehicles and flex-fuel vehicles.
Posted Jan 16, 2013

Saudi Arabia Slashes Oil Output
Saudi Arabia cut its oil production by nearly 5% in December 2012, a response to lower demand largely coming from Asian customers.
Posted Jan 14, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Crude Oil Demand
East Coast refineries grind to a halt because of the storm, but BP thinks the companies will "bounce back" quickly.
Posted Oct 31, 2012

Atlas Oil to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts
The company is sending fuel and trucks to assist with hurricane relief efforts in the New Jersey area.
Posted Oct 31, 2012

Sandy's Impact on Fuel Prices
A number of factors contribute to rising fuel prices during a disaster, as NACS' John Eichberger explains during a CNBC report.
Posted Oct 30, 2012

Gov. Christie to Fuel Marketers: NJ is Watching You
Retailers found in violation of New Jersey's price-gouging law are subject to civil penalties of up to $10,000 for the first offense and $20,000 for subsequent offenses.
Posted Oct 30, 2012

Hurricane Preparedness: What You Need to Know
NACS has compiled resources to help retailers in the potential path of Hurricane Sandy.
Posted Oct 29, 2012

Gas Prices Drop Ahead of Hurricane Sandy
With the latest storm set to pummel the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this week, pump prices have fallen.
Posted Oct 29, 2012

Public Charging Stations Proliferate, but Slowly
As more hook-ups are available to the general public, interest in electric vehicles is inching up.
Posted Oct 26, 2012

California Gas Spike Hurts Independent Stations
While prices are slowly drifting down, the increase in pump prices has impacted retailers.
Posted Oct 24, 2012

Building a Prettier Gas Station
United Oil's stations in Southern California are luring motorists with their eye-catching features.
Posted Oct 23, 2012

Tuscaloosa OKs Zoning Amendment for Gas Stations in Tornado Recovery Zone
Pumps can now be located in front of buildings that fall within the path of last year's tornado.
Posted Oct 18, 2012

California Pump Prices Spiral Down, Slowly
The state average dropped a bit after jumping 50 cents a gallon within a week's time.
Posted Oct 17, 2012

California Governor Relaxes Smog Standards
With drivers facing $5 per gallon gasoline, the state is allowing refineries to start producing winter-blend fuel a few weeks early.
Posted Oct 12, 2012

E15 Growth Continues at NASCAR
Growth Energy announced that the racing series has run more than 3 million miles on the higher-ethanol blend.
Posted Oct 12, 2012

Searching for a Scapegoat
California Rep. Henry Waxman is probing current � and record high � gas prices in the state.
Posted Oct 11, 2012

Future of Fuels: 2025
NACS Show educational session reveals what consumers will be using at convenience stores to fuel their vehicles.
Posted Oct 9, 2012

A Different Kind of 'Drive Off' Is Emerging
Distracted drivers are increasingly leaving with nozzles still in the gas tank.
Posted Oct 9, 2012

New "CNG In A Box" Fueling System Makes U.S. Debut
Today at the NACS Show retailers will get the first glimpse at a new compressed natural gas system available for convenience stores.
Posted Oct 8, 2012

LA Gasoline Stations Experience Fuel Shortages
Squeezed supply has lead to shuttered stations and record-high prices.
Posted Oct 5, 2012

Gasoline Stations Still Wary About E15
Retailers remain reluctant to sell the higher-ethanol blend, despite clearance from the EPA and some states to stock it.
Posted Oct 5, 2012

Tesla Motors Unveils Sun-Charged EV Station
The free Supercharger stations are designed to fully charge Tesla's new Model S sedan in about an hour.
Posted Oct 1, 2012

Nopetro Opens CNG Facility in Florida
The station is part of a planned regional network of CNG locations.
Posted Sep 27, 2012

Massachusetts Officials Scrutinize Stations for Price Gouging
The state is acting without consumer prompts to uncover evidence of price gouging.
Posted Sep 25, 2012

Minnesota Ethanol Producers Running on Empty
High corn prices and lagging prices for ethanol lead to the second consecutive losing quarter for Minnesota's ethanol producers.
Posted Sep 25, 2012

Golden Eagle Distributors Opens Public-Access CNG Fueling Station
The station will sell CNG to commercial fleets and retail consumers as well as service Golden Eagle's own CNG vehicles.
Posted Sep 21, 2012

Toronto Gas Theft Fatality Prompts Calls for Prepay
Meanwhile, a gas theft increase in Australia has led to the creation of a registry to combat the problem.
Posted Sep 20, 2012

Broward County Requires Posting of Highest Pump Price
The Florida county ordinance also makes gasoline retailers label prices as for "self-service" if offering both full- and self-serve pumps.
Posted Sep 19, 2012

High Oil Prices Squeeze Store Profits
NACS motor fuels expert John Eichberger explains that high gas prices don't translate into higher profits for convenience stores.
Posted Sep 18, 2012

Shell Delays Arctic Drilling
Shell has suspended plans to drill in the Arctic region for the remainder of this year because of damages to safety equipment.
Posted Sep 18, 2012

30-Year Crystal Ball on Cars
Bill Ford shares with USA Today what he believes the future of automotive technology could look like in the next three decades.
Posted Sep 17, 2012

No Gas Price Gouging in Louisiana After Hurricane Isaac
Despite a flood of complaints, the Louisiana Attorney General's office found no evidence of retailers jacking up fuel prices.
Posted Sep 14, 2012

An $8 Per Gallon, One Day Protest
More than 50 Lukoil gasoline station in Pennsylvania and New Jersey raised prices for 24 hours to protest unfair costs.
Posted Sep 14, 2012

Florida County Amends ADA Rules for Gas Stations
Under the new regulations, gas stations must provide a specific phone number that disabled drivers can call for assistance at the pump.
Posted Sep 7, 2012

EPA Approves Temporary Waiver for States Impacted by Hurricane Isaac��
The temporary fuel waiver applies to the use of low Reid Vapor Pressure "summertime" gasoline through September 15.
Posted Sep 6, 2012

Promoting Skimmer Penalties Could Reduce the Crime
PCATS also is working on a system to notify convenience stores and gasoline stations when skimming devices have been detected in their area.
Posted Sep 5, 2012

Downgraded Isaac Causes Little Harm to Oil Rigs
However, energy experts predict that it could be a week until offshore rigs are up and running again.
Posted Aug 31, 2012

Walmart Pumps Up Gasoline Discount
The retailer is bringing back its "Great Gas Rollback" now through Christmas Eve, offering a 15-cents-per-gallon discount on fuel purchases.
Posted Aug 31, 2012

BP to Terminate am/pm Franchises East of Rockies
The pullout is set to occur by December 31 but will not affect BP-branded supply agreements.
Posted Aug 30, 2012

Ethanol Output to Drop 10% in 2013
A Missouri-based think tank predicts that severe drought and record-high corn prices could lead to big falloff in next year's U.S. ethanol production.
Posted Aug 30, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Brings Higher Gas Prices
Analysts are already predicting higher gas prices after the storm hit land last night.
Posted Aug 29, 2012

EPA Gives Louisiana RVP Fuel Waiver
The governor requested the waiver for certain parishes because of Hurricane Isaac.
Posted Aug 29, 2012

Energy Companies Evacuate Offshore Oil Rigs as Isaac Approaches
The National Hurricane Center predicts Isaac will be a Category 1 hurricane when it reaches Louisiana tomorrow.
Posted Aug 28, 2012

BP Identifies and Corrects Source of Fuel Quality Issue
Approximately 200 retail outlets in Northwest Indiana and the Chicago area were supplied with off-specification regular-grade gasoline, along with 20 additional retail sites in the Milwaukee area that received off-specification premium gasoline.
Posted Aug 27, 2012

EPA Seeks Public Input on Ethanol Mandate Waiver Requests
Following requests by governors and lawmakers to temporarily suspend the U.S. quote on ethanol made from corn, the EPA is asking for public comment.
Posted Aug 22, 2012

BP Update on Northwest Indiana Fuel Issue
A 50,000-barrel batch of regular grade gasoline blended at BP's Whiting terminal between August 13 and 17 contained a higher than normal level of polymeric residue that can cause hard starting and other drivability issues.
Posted Aug 22, 2012

Citgo Prepares for Launch of New Five Cent Rewards Card
Citgo is putting the finishing touches to a plan for rolling out a new proprietary rewards card on September 1.
Posted Aug 21, 2012

Fracking Concerns Are Legitimate: International Energy Chief
International Energy Agency chief Maria van der Hoeven urges transparency to ease public skepticism in the hydraulic fracking process.
Posted Aug 21, 2012

Automakers, Refiners Lose Challenge to E15
A U.S. Appeals Court has sided with EPA, therefore upholding the use of E15 in model-year 2001 and newer light duty vehicles and flex-fuel vehicles.
Posted Aug 20, 2012

Pennsylvania Nixes Vapor Recovery Requirements
The state's Department of Environmental Protection said the systems are no longer needed because today's vehicles do a better job of capturing emissions.
Posted Aug 17, 2012

EPA Mandates Minimum Gas Buys for Blender Pumps
The regulation applies only to specific gasoline pumps when E15 comes on the market.
Posted Aug 16, 2012

BP Sells Refinery, Arco Stations to Tesoro
The company will keep ownership of its ampm convenience store brand but franchise it to Tesoro in the Southwest.
Posted Aug 15, 2012

U.S. Drought Triggers Rise in Pump Prices
Driven by higher ethanol prices and supply interruptions, the national average for regular gasoline reached $3.69 on Aug. 10.
Posted Aug 14, 2012

Restaurants Fuel Retail Biofuel Station
The station converts used fryer oil into biofuel, which it then sells at retail.
Posted Aug 14, 2012

Stop-Start Technology Coming to a Car Near You
More than eight million cars will have the technology by 2017, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic, which helps motorists save on gas.
Posted Aug 13, 2012

Shell Opens Fourth Demonstration Hydrogen Station in California
Initially, Shell expects 10 to 12 drivers to fill their tanks each day at the site's two pumps.
Posted Aug 9, 2012

Exxon Prepares for New "Smart Card"
More details emerge about the company's 6-cents-per-gallon rebate with its new "Smart Card" as well as retailer incentives.
Posted Aug 8, 2012

Safeway Halts Nationwide Gas Promotion
The supermarket chain claims the change has nothing to do with losing a lawsuit related to selling gas below cost.
Posted Aug 8, 2012

Vermont Retailers Add Perspective to Gas Prices
The Vermont Petroleum Association testified at a U.S. Senate field hearing spearheaded by Senator Sanders on gasoline prices in the greater Burlington area.
Posted Aug 7, 2012

House Urges EPA to Waive RFS
Waiver request cites concerns about rising corn prices and falling supply due to the recent drought.
Posted Aug 6, 2012

Gasoline Prices Shoot for the Stars, but Drift Down Gently
The "rocket and feathers" phenomenon can be hard to explain to consumers.
Posted Aug 3, 2012

NACS Applauds NPC for Advising Government to Remain Technology Neutral
Report on new fuel and vehicle technologies recommends coordinated market approach to determine the vehicle and fuel technologies of the future.
Posted Aug 2, 2012

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Wayne to Integrate Isis SmartTap Mobile Commerce Application Into Pay-At-Pump Technology
These fuel dispenser leaders are adopting the Isis application to allow payment, loyalty programs and offer redemptions at the pump.
Posted Aug 2, 2012

Love's Goes Cardless
The company completes live cardless fueling customer transactions and begins its rollout.
Posted Aug 2, 2012

Minnesota Law Helping Retailers Fight Drive-Offs in Effect
The Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association pushed for the law, which allows gas stations to get outside assistance in recovering funds from drive-offs.
Posted Aug 2, 2012

Drought Hampers U.S. Production of Oil
With more than 60% of the country experiencing a water shortage, use of fracking to extract oil and natural gas has come under scrutiny.
Posted Aug 1, 2012

Keystone XL Pipeline Gains Last of "Key" Permits
TransCanada said it has received its final permit from the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers to begin construction on the larger, more controversial segment of the pipeline.
Posted Jul 31, 2012

Michigan Governor Declares Fuel Shortage Emergency
The declaration suspends state and federal regulations that limit the hours of service for motor carriers and drivers transporting fuel to address shortages in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Posted Jul 26, 2012

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Announces Encore E25 Retrofit Kits
The kit is Underwriters Laboratory-approved for Gilbarco's entire line of Encore fuel dispensers.
Posted Jul 26, 2012

Say Goodbye to the Red Plastic Gas Can
Blitz USA is being forced to close its doors later this month, after defending itself from countless legal attacks caused by consumer misuse of its product.
Posted Jul 25, 2012

Maine Gas Station Attracts Man's Best Friend
The retailer has added a pet wash that includes plenty of options to keep Fido clean.
Posted Jul 24, 2012

Senator Pushes for Brownfield Tax Incentives
The incentives would help clean up vacant gasoline stations.
Posted Jul 20, 2012

85-Octane Warning Labels Missing at Many South Dakota Stations
Many South Dakota fuel marketers have yet to post mandatory warning labels on their 85-octane pumps, cautioning them to refer to their owner's manual before filling up.
Posted Jul 19, 2012

1,000 CNG Stations Coming to U.S.
The project will commence with 10 stations and add more during the next four years.
Posted Jul 17, 2012

Vermont Senator Probes State Fuel Margins
Sen. Bernie Sanders misuses OPIS data to show that Vermont retailers are profiting from high gasoline prices.
Posted Jul 16, 2012

Zarco 66 Brings E15 to Kansas
A recent Center for Agriculture and Rural Development study found the use of 13.9 billion gallons of ethanol in 2011 lowered average gasoline prices by $1.09 per gallon nationally and by $1.69 per gallon in Midwestern states such as Kansas.
Posted Jul 12, 2012

Utah Sues ConocoPhillips Over UST Cleanup Funds
The state maintains that ConocoPhillips tapped into the state's Underground Storage Tank Fund and failed to reimburse the $8.4 million it received from the fund.
Posted Jul 12, 2012

Will Real Gas Become Extinct?
Government mandates on renewable fuels could make pure gasoline a thing of the past.
Posted Jul 11, 2012

Wisconsin Retailers Focus on Inside Sales
High gasoline prices and more fuel-efficient vehicles have some Wisconsin retailers focusing more on in-store sales.
Posted Jul 10, 2012

Senator Calls for Investigation of Vermont Gas Prices
Sen. Bernie Sanders wants the feds to look into alleged unusually high gasoline prices around Burlington.
Posted Jul 5, 2012

West Virginia Investigates Price Gouging Reports
In the aftermath of Friday's storms, some residents are complaining about higher price tags on products from ice to gas.
Posted Jul 3, 2012

Gas Prices Dip Ahead of July Fourth
AAA predicts the highest number of travelers in a decade to be on the road for the Independence Day holiday.
Posted Jun 29, 2012

Connecticut Retailers Fear Shutdown This Fall
With the state revising leak clean-up procedures, many small gasoline stations could be without insurance, leading to closure.
Posted Jun 29, 2012

Shell "Highly Likely" to Receive Permits for Drilling
The drilling could begin in wells off Alaska's North Slope as early as next month.
Posted Jun 28, 2012

Greenhouse Gas Rules Upheld
The EPA can now limit carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants as well as create new vehicle emission standards.
Posted Jun 27, 2012

Skimming Conviction in Texas Carries Hefty Penalties
A convicted skimmer, who recoded gift cards with stolen credit and debit card numbers and used the cards to withdraw money from ATMs, could face life in prison.
Posted Jun 26, 2012

International Agency Deems Diesel Engine Exhaust as Cancer-Causing
The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a part of the WHO, classified diesel engine exhaust as a carcinogenic. Join NACS legal counsel on July 10 for a webinar to learn more.
Posted Jun 25, 2012

Cox Petrol Announces New Fueling Concept
The new stations are designed to change the consumer fueling experience and help station owners increase sales and profits with new features like in-store merchandise ordering at the pump.
Posted Jun 25, 2012

Wayne Introduces The Wayne Helix�� Global Family of Fuel Dispensers
This fuel dispenser line emphasizes design, security and advanced technology.
Posted Jun 21, 2012

Moving From Liquid Gas to Natural Gas
Getting Americans to drive cars powered by natural gas is an uphill climb.
Posted Jun 20, 2012

Rutter's Farm Stores Integrate Gas Pricing from the Web to the Pump
The integrated products provide greater pricing control and customer visibility through PriceAdvantage and OpenStore.
Posted Jun 15, 2012

Connecticut Decides Small Stations, Municipalities Get First Dibs on Fuel Pollution Abatement
The controversial choice comes after the EPA told the state that it had until May to fix the program, which has a huge backlog of UST claims.
Posted Jun 14, 2012

Euro Zone Triggers U.S. Gasoline Drop
The price is down 11.62 cents from a year ago, and fell 15.9 cents over the past three weeks.
Posted Jun 13, 2012

Shell, TravelCenters of America Plan for LNG Stations for Truckers
Under a pending agreement with TravelCenters of America, Shell would construct more than 200 liquefied natural gas fuel lanes at 100 TA and Petro Shopping Centers.
Posted Jun 11, 2012

Chevron Doubles Bonuses to Gas Stations for Credit Card Applications
For each valid and complete personal card application sent in during June, Chevron will pay $4.
Posted Jun 8, 2012

Connecticut Retailers Seek to Revoke Upcoming Diesel Tax Hike
The ICPA notes that Connecticut already has the highest diesel taxes in the United States.
Posted Jun 8, 2012

ExxonMobil to Relocate Its Fairfax, Va., Office to Houston
The move will begin early 2014 and take 2,100 jobs from Northern Virginia.
Posted Jun 8, 2012

GSTV Uses Starstar Mobile Platform to Benefit Advertisers
Choice Hotels International has signed on as the first marketer to leverage technology through GSTV.
Posted Jun 6, 2012

Outcast and Gilbarco Veeder-Root Add 3,000 Pump Screens in Miami
Outcast continues its nationwide expansion, with more than 90% market share in Miami.
Posted Jun 5, 2012

The Return of Phillips 66
The spin-off of Phillips 66 by ConocoPhillips is part of a larger trend of big companies morphing into smaller businesses.
Posted Jun 4, 2012

Truckers Embrace Natural Gas
Rising diesel costs and a surplus of natural gas already has some truckers making the switch.
Posted May 29, 2012

Murphy USA Unveils High-Speed EV Charging Station
The installation is part of Murphy USA's pilot program to test the feasibility of electric vehicle charging at retail.
Posted May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Brings Lower Gas Prices
The unofficial start of the summer driving season kicks off with fuel costs down at an average of 26 cents per gallon.
Posted May 25, 2012

Tucson Gas Station Shakeout
Industry challenges and increased competition lead to the shuttering of about two dozen mostly independent area stations.
Posted May 22, 2012

First Clean Mobility Center Opens in California
The alternative fuel station that sells biodiesel and E85 is one of more than 200 that are scheduled for the state.
Posted May 18, 2012

Some Drivers Move to Pure Gasoline
Concerns about ethanol are driving motorists to seek out the more expensive 100% gasoline.
Posted May 18, 2012

U.S. Forges Ahead on Road to Energy Independence
Williamsport (Pennsylvania) is the new Williston (North Dakota), a hotbed of domestic energy production.
Posted May 17, 2012

EPA Ruling to Eliminate Stage 2 Vapor Recovery at Retail
Changes reflect today's vehicle technologies, which capture gasoline vapors when refueling.
Posted May 11, 2012

The Battle Over E15 Continues
While the EPA has approved of E15 use in vehicles manufactured since 2001, gasoline retailers are reluctant to stock the fuel.
Posted May 10, 2012

Pump Prices Plummet
Consumers express relief as gasoline prices dip for the fifth week in a row.
Posted May 9, 2012

Ontario to Launch Initiative Encouraging Motorists to Drive Electric
Ontario Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli said the province will advance millions of dollars to encourage motorists to drive electric cars.
Posted May 8, 2012

TransCanada Reapplies for Keystone XL Pipeline
The company has submitted a Presidential Permit application to the U.S. State Department for the Keystone XL Pipeline from the U.S./Canada border in Montana to Steele City, Nebraska.
Posted May 7, 2012

Colorado-Wyoming Association Halts its Own Bill
The Prohibition on the Use of Public Land For Retail Sales had hit a roadblock in the state Senate.
Posted May 4, 2012

Phillips 66 to Double Fuel Exports
The refiner plans to take advantage of higher overseas prices, joining other U.S. refiners.
Posted May 3, 2012

Alternative Fuel Stations Could Hit 10,000
Gasoline still remains the dominant transportation fuel by far, although E85, hydrogen, natural gas, electricity and propane are building a small following.
Posted May 2, 2012

Colorado House Passes Bill Against Rest Area Commercialization
The proposal prohibits retail sale of motor fuel on taxpayer-subsidized property.
Posted Apr 27, 2012

Florida County Passes Ordinance for Disabled Drivers at the Pump
The law requires gas stations to provide a phone number or have an intercom system on gas pumps for disabled motorists who need assistance.
Posted Apr 27, 2012

Competing Fuels and Vehicle Requirements May Doom CAFE and RFS
The more than 120,000 convenience stores selling motor fuel will face the brunt of the competing objectives of the RFS and CAFE standards unless changes are addressed.
Posted Apr 25, 2012

Gasoline Demand Continues To Climb
American Petroleum Institute's monthly statistical report for March reveals that gasoline deliveries increased 3% � the second consecutive month that gasoline demand increased while total petroleum demand decreased.
Posted Apr 23, 2012

Gasoline Prices Spur More Thefts
As the cost of filling up inches upward, thieves get more creative in stealing gasoline.
Posted Apr 20, 2012

NACS Dismisses Credit Card Industry's Gas Price 'Study'
The Electronic Payments Coalition is attempting to claim that gas retailers are profiting from high gas prices at the expense of their customers.
Posted Apr 17, 2012

High Gas Prices Impact Bottom Line of C-Stores
Some gasoline station operators are hurting because the cost of gas is translating to customers not spending as much inside their stores.
Posted Apr 13, 2012

Why Domestic Oil Production Isn't Producing Lower Gas Prices
With Wall Street traders seeking the highest profits for crude oil, U.S. oil production isn't producing a gas price benefit at home.
Posted Apr 12, 2012

Canadians Flock to U.S. for Cheaper Gas
Canadians are paying more for gasoline than their U.S. neighbors, with the average price per gallon in Ontario at $5.06.
Posted Apr 12, 2012

Americans Seeking Fuel Efficient Vehicles
The fuel economy of all vehicles sold in the United States is now more than 24 mpg.
Posted Apr 12, 2012

Gas Prices and the Impact on Convenience Stores
Is the old $4 the new $4.50? NACS shares with CNBC how gas prices are an indicator to what customers will pay at the pump, making inside sales more important than ever.
Posted Apr 9, 2012

Florida Rep. Launches Keystone XL Petition
U.S. Rep. Connie Mack launched a petition drive last week calling for the building of the Keystone XL pipeline.
Posted Apr 9, 2012

360Green Continues Fast-Charging EV Expansion
The electric vehicle charging station developer announced the first public fast-charging station in California.
Posted Apr 9, 2012

Gas Prices Hurt Retailers, Too
Pain at the pump especially hits independent owners hard, as the U.S. gas consumption drops to an 11-year low.
Posted Apr 6, 2012

Missouri Lawmaker Wants "Heads-Up" on Pump Price Increases
The state legislator thinks customers deserve to be warned about an upward change for gasoline prices.
Posted Apr 6, 2012

Connecticut Governor Signs Gas Tax Cap Bill
Motorists could see a modest savings of 1.5 cents a gallon at the pump.
Posted Apr 4, 2012

Illinois Governor Announce Fast-Charging EV Stations
7-Eleven is a key partner in the project, which now has dedicated space for fast-charging stations at four of the Illinois Tollway Oases.
Posted Apr 2, 2012

Some U.K. Gasoline Stations Go Dark After Run on Fuel
The British government told drivers to fill up prior to a threatened British fuel tank driver strike.
Posted Mar 30, 2012

Gas Prices Could Cut Summer Trips Short
A U.S. Travel Association survey reveals that travelers nationwide will cut back on their summer travels in favor of shorter road trips.
Posted Mar 29, 2012

Michigan Home to Second Most Polluted LUST Sites
The state is struggling to clean up leaks from underground storage tanks.
Posted Mar 28, 2012

Gas Prices Could Crimp Consumer Spending
The spike in pump prices in 2011 triggered a mid-year economic cooling, so economists are keeping a close eye on how current gasoline prices will impact consumer spending.
Posted Mar 28, 2012

Pure Gasoline Gains Following
More drivers are seeking out ethanol-free gasoline.
Posted Mar 27, 2012

Cushing Pipeline Extension Could Raise Gas Prices
Analysts caution that Canadian oil moving to the Gulf is oil that would be moving way from refineries in Illinois, Kansas and other Midwestern states.
Posted Mar 26, 2012

Southern California Arco, Thrifty Stations Sue BP
A group of more than 40 gasoline stations have filed a lawsuit in federal court to keep their leases with BP and Thrifty Oil Co. BP filed its own lawsuit, countering that it has followed regulations relating to terminating franchise leases.
Posted Mar 23, 2012

Why Gas Prices Increase in the Spring
A new NACS backgrounder to the 2012 NACS Retail Fuels Report explains why gas prices typically increase in the spring.
Posted Mar 22, 2012

Gasoline Prices Inch Past $4 in Six States
The national average could reach $4 a gallon by late April or early May.
Posted Mar 21, 2012

Mac's Utilizes Social Media for Crime Solving
Mac's Convenience Stores adds social media to its crime prevention tactics in Thunder Bay.
Posted Mar 15, 2012

Alaska Senators Skeptical of Price Gouging Bill
The legislation targets gasoline refiners, requiring them keep prices in-line with those charged by Seattle-based refiners. One senator says the measure will result in a string of lawsuits.
Posted Mar 15, 2012

State of the Industry Survey Deadline Nears
Friday, March 16, is the last day to submit your 2011 data and attend the NACS State of the Industry Summit � for free!
Posted Mar 14, 2012

President Obama Appeals to Consumers on Pump Prices
The White House has launched a hard-hitting PR campaign to counter claims that President Obama is contributing to high gasoline prices.
Posted Mar 14, 2012

Natural Gas Coming to More Stations
Chesapeake Energy and General Electric are collaborating to bring natural gas to more than 250 gas stations and convenience stores.
Posted Mar 13, 2012

NYACS: May as Well Give Retailers 'Kick Me' Signs
New York retailers push back on proposed legislation -- in the state with the highest gas taxes -- that essentially cast retailers as scapegoats for high prices.
Posted Mar 9, 2012

Some Honda Dealers to Install CNG Pumps
The company wants to assure buyers of its compressed natural-gas powered vehicles that they will have a place to fill up.
Posted Mar 9, 2012

Connecticut to Refuse Millions for Environmental Spill Clean Up
State Energy & Environmental Protection Dept. has proposed shuttering UST Fund without paying gasoline stations what is owed them.
Posted Mar 9, 2012

Brazil Gas Stations Coming Up Empty
Brazil truckers strike leads to thousands of stations running out of fuel.
Posted Mar 9, 2012

NACS' Eichberger Explains Retail Market Dynamics
Shares retailers' perspective in Congressional hearing that examines rising gas prices.
Posted Mar 8, 2012

Pipeline Widgets Added to NACS Retail Fuels Report
Online resources provide an 'underview' of how the network of pipelines moves product.
Posted Mar 8, 2012

NACS Holds Media Briefing on Gas Prices
One-hour webinar with OPIS for energy reporters answered the latest questions on gas prices.
Posted Mar 7, 2012

GM Debuts Pickups Powered by Natural Gas
The 2013 versions of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks will have bi-fuel capability.
Posted Mar 7, 2012

Who Profits from High Gas Prices?
Hint: The same companies that swipe profits on every other item at stores � credit card companies.
Posted Mar 6, 2012

Massachusetts Targets Possible Price Gouging
Governor directs state inspectors to look for possible price gouging and violations of signage advertising rules.
Posted Mar 6, 2012

NACS Urges Senate to Keep LUST Funds Intact
Last week, Sen. Hatch offered an amendment that would transfer $3 billion from LUST Trust Funds to the Highway Trust Fund.
Posted Mar 5, 2012

Obama Calls on Congress to Repeal Gas, Oil Tax Provisions
The president wants lawmakers to hold a vote this month as he dodges tough questions from Republicans about soaring pump prices.
Posted Mar 5, 2012

Gasoline Thefts Rising
High pump prices have triggered increasingly bold robberies of gasoline.
Posted Mar 2, 2012

Why Diesel Costs More Than Gasoline
NACS releases primer looking at diesel prices as part of the 2012 NACS Fuels Report.
Posted Mar 1, 2012

Fuel Retailers Not Ready to Embrace E15
Many fear liability concerns for engine damage if they offer the higher-ethanol blend.
Posted Feb 29, 2012

Gasoline Prices Continue to Rise
The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline reaches $3.72.
Posted Feb 29, 2012

Are Gas Prices Hurting Full-Service Stations?
In New Hampshire, several full-service gasoline stations have reportedly closed because of rising pump prices.
Posted Feb 28, 2012

Alabama C-Store Seeks LEED Certification
Incorporating eco-friendly elements to Wadsworth Oil's new store in McCalla added about 15% in construction costs, money that the company hopes to recoup in electricity savings.
Posted Feb 24, 2012

NACS Videos Look at the Past and Future of Retail Fueling
Two new videos added to the 2012 NACS Retail Fuels Report provide context on the motor fuels industry.
Posted Feb 23, 2012

Rising Gas Prices Lead to Sophisticated Fuel Theft
Tampa Bay police warn that thieves are going after the fuel supplies contained in underground storage tanks.
Posted Feb 23, 2012

Public Still Wary of Gas Tax Hikes
Residents in Iowa, Maryland and Michigan sound off against proposals to increase their respective state gas tax.
Posted Feb 23, 2012

Gas Prices Continue To Climb
The average price of gasoline is up 20 cents over last month and more than 50 cents from a year ago.
Posted Feb 22, 2012

Virginia Debates Gasoline Tax Hike
The legislature has two proposals to pay for road maintenance, one of which includes tying the gasoline tax to inflation.
Posted Feb 22, 2012

Central Boston Becoming a Fuel Desert
A lone downtown gas pump is likely to disappear soon.
Posted Feb 21, 2012

West Virginia Debates Limiting Ethanol in Gasoline
The delegate would like the state to opposed adding a new blend of gasoline that contains more than 10 percent ethanol.
Posted Feb 17, 2012

Convenience and Fuel Retailer Perceptions Remain a Mixed Bag
The third of three reports examining findings from the NACS Consumer Fuels Report reveals that consumers still � but not always � blame convenience stores for higher prices at the pump.
Posted Feb 16, 2012

NACS Comments on CAFE Standards
NACS cites member concerns that the proposed rules would make it costly and difficult to comply with the Renewable Fuels Standard.
Posted Feb 15, 2012

Ethanol Demand Falls, Losses Mount
After a federal tax credit ends, demand for ethanol wanes.
Posted Feb 14, 2012

Illinois Lawmakers Want to Compete With Neighboring States on Gas Prices
A proposal would seek to lower the sales tax for Illinois stations located within 30 miles of a state that has a lower state fuel tax.
Posted Feb 9, 2012

Gas Prices Head Higher
Experts predict that pump prices could hit $4 or higher by May.
Posted Feb 8, 2012

Oklahoma, Colorado Governors Back Natural Gas Vehicles
Initiatives are aimed at increasing the use of natural gas vehicles to the point where it justifies the development costs of new cars and trucks for car companies.
Posted Feb 7, 2012

Price Tops All Factors in Choice of Fueling Location
Price remains the dominant reason why consumers buy fuel at a particular location, according to the results from the new 2012 NACS Consumer Fuels Report.
Posted Feb 2, 2012

Chevron to Face Class Action Suit for "Hot Gas"
A California appeals court overturns a trial court decision, ruling that Chevron must face a class action lawsuit for selling gasoline at a higher temperature than it purchased it.
Posted Feb 2, 2012

Maryland Governor Pushes 6% Gasoline Sales Tax
The tax would apply to each gallon of gasoline, with the revenue going to road and transit.
Posted Feb 1, 2012

California's Low Carbon Standard Rules Spark Controversy
Efforts by California to lower the amount of carbon in fuel sold in the state have been delayed by a fierce public battle that has already reached the court system.
Posted Jan 31, 2012

Ordinance Would Allow Disabled Motorists to Phone for Fueling Assistance
Proposal calls for stations with two or more attendants to post a sticker on their pumps displaying the store's telephone number, allowing handicapped motorists to call clerks inside for fueling assistance.
Posted Jan 31, 2012

EPA Rejects Palm-Based Biodiesel
The Environmental Protection Agency said that biodiesel cannot be added to the federal renewable fuels program because its greenhouse-gas emissions are too high.
Posted Jan 30, 2012

Retailers Embrace Electric Charging Stations
Chargers are seen as a good investment, as well as a way to be green.
Posted Jan 27, 2012

Florida County Proposes Gas Price Posting Ordinance
Orange County officials say hundreds of people have complained about not knowing the price of fuel at some retail locations near theme parks.
Posted Jan 25, 2012

Corn Prices Rise Worldwide Due to U.S. Ethanol Policy
The new director general of the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization says that cereals should not be used for biofuels.
Posted Jan 24, 2012

Virginia Legislation Proposes Pump Toll, ABC Manager Change
The Virginia House of Representatives is considering a bill that would establish the nation's first pump toll, while a separate state Senate proposal would require a convenience store ABC manager to have U.S. residency.
Posted Jan 20, 2012

President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline
Decision comes one week after NACS, along with 100 industry organizations, sent a letter to President Obama seeking his support of the pipeline.
Posted Jan 19, 2012

Ohio Governor Seeks Oil and Gas Drilling Taxes
Gov. John Kasich says that the tax would cover the cost of infrastructure damage caused by oil and gas extraction.
Posted Jan 19, 2012

Auto Dealers Fight Mileage Rules
The group says that proposed rules to increase the fuel mileage of vehicles to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 would limit the growth of car sales.
Posted Jan 19, 2012

Indiana Senate Committee Considers Gas Tax Change
The proposal would move gas tax collection to the distributors instead of the retailers.
Posted Jan 18, 2012

API Urges Obama to Approve Keystone XL
Approval of the pipeline would create thousands of jobs while reducing U.S. reliance on oil from the Middle East, API and industry organizations maintain.
Posted Jan 12, 2012

Car Manufacturers Still Believe in Electricity
The automobile makers are not ready to give up on hybrid and electric vehicles despite lackluster sales.
Posted Jan 11, 2012

North Carolina Motorists Race for the Border
With North Carolina's gas tax the sixth highest in the country, residents are flooding gas stations across the South Carolina border.
Posted Jan 5, 2012

Judge Blocks California From Enforcing Low-Carbon Fuel Standard
The judge wrote that the regulations showed prejudice against biofuel and crude oil producers that are not in California.
Posted Jan 4, 2012

ExxonMobil Offers Image Incentive Bonus to Marketers
Company executives are also advising its marketers not to rush to sign brand conversion agreements with dealers whose performance is already sub-par.
Posted Oct 28, 2011

Minnesota Association Won't Advocate for Prepay Pumps Only
The Minnesota Service Station Association decides to not ask the Legislature to put a prepay law on the books next year.
Posted Oct 28, 2011

Oil Prices Rising?
Industry insiders say more oil companies will see $100 per barrel as the new normal.
Posted Oct 28, 2011

U.S Appeals Court Rejects Claim That Refiners Overcharge Consumers for Premium Gas
Court rules that retailers and oil companies are not breaking the law when a small amount of residue from a unleaded regular or mid-grade fill-up is left in the hose from a previous customer.
Posted Oct 26, 2011

Oregon Gas Station Goes for 'Net Zero'
The Chevron location has been called "the most sustainable station in America."
Posted Oct 26, 2011

Getting More Than Gas at the Pump
A recent study suggests that fuel pumps are havens for germs.
Posted Oct 26, 2011

Some Orlando Gas Stations Comply With Signage Rule
The law only applies to stations within the airport zone, but some officials want to expand the ordinance to encompass the entire city of Orlando.
Posted Oct 19, 2011

Lots of Charging Stations but Few Electric Cars
With fewer than 15,000 all-electric cars on the roads, charging stations are waiting � and waiting � for customers.
Posted Oct 18, 2011

Manhattan Running Out of Gas
In the past two years, 17 stations have closed on the island, leaving just 41 in operation.
Posted Oct 11, 2011

Retailer Sues Georgia over PumpPal Advertisements
Store owner Greg Parker is asking a judge to allow him to display lower prices for club members.
Posted Oct 10, 2011

Prepay Deters Gas Thefts
Convenience stores that require upfront payment have low incidences of stolen gasoline.
Posted Oct 6, 2011

Experts Look Forward to the Future of Fuels
Fuel experts provided a room full of retailers with a glimpse into their crystal ball during the NACS Show.
Posted Oct 4, 2011

Illinois Gas Stations Accused of Withholding Sales Taxes
"To make a blanket accusation that small business petroleum marketers are the tax evaders is not correct," said William Fleischli, executive vice president of IPMA.
Posted Sep 27, 2011

North Dakota Receives Grant to Persuade Ethanol Use
A $200,000 marketing campaign will target flex-fuel vehicle owners, encouraging them to use fuel with higher concentrations of ethanol.
Posted Sep 22, 2011

Gas Rewards Cards Grow in Popularity
The discount programs give customers ways to save at the pump.
Posted Sep 16, 2011

U.S. Drivers Could Shell Out $491 Billion for Filling Up in 2011
This year's average cost of gasoline has been above the all-time highs of 2008.
Posted Sep 14, 2011

Supervalu Decreases Fuel Presence
The supermarket chain is jettisoning most of its filling stations in an effort to gain more capital.
Posted Sep 9, 2011

eVgo Unveils Houston's First Freedom Station Charging Site
The new electric vehicle charging station gives users the ability to power their vehicles in 30 minutes or less.
Posted Sep 8, 2011

Canadian Retailers Lose Gas Business to Costco
The Atlantic Convenience Stores Association has asked for regulatory changes for fuel pricing to help operators compete with Costco.
Posted Sep 2, 2011

Libya To Resume Oil Production
The country produced 1.6 million barrels of oil a day before an uprising against Gaddafi erupted in February.
Posted Aug 29, 2011

GM Expands Electric Vehicle Portfolio
New partnership with LG Corp. will cut costs and save time for creating electric vehicles.
Posted Aug 29, 2011

Libya and the Price of Oil
Experts differ on what the turmoil in Libya portends for oil prices.
Posted Aug 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene Heads to U.S.
Residents of Florida, South Carolina and Georgia are put on high alert as Hurricane Irene gains strength.
Posted Aug 24, 2011

Florida Considers Repeal of Redundant Leak-Testing Rule
The state regulation required gasoline tanker trucks to be tested for leaks annually even though the federal government inspects the trucks as well.
Posted Aug 22, 2011

Oil Outnumbers Natural Gas Drilling
For the first time in 18 years, the number of rigs drilling for oil has exceeded natural gas drilling in the United States.
Posted Aug 19, 2011

Gas Prices Dropping
Across the country, pump prices are less painful for consumers.
Posted Aug 17, 2011

Winn-Dixie Expands fuelperks! Rewards Program
Stores in Florida and Georgia now offer the gasoline discount program.
Posted Aug 12, 2011

Orlando Airport Gas Stations Must Post Prices
Stations have 90 days to erect price signs or risk facing foreclosure.
Posted Aug 9, 2011

Obama Announces 54.5 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standard
The agreement with 13 automakers is expected to save consumers $1.7 trillion at the pump by 2025.
Posted Aug 1, 2011

Independent Stations Rely on Inside Sales
As a review of some Pennsylvania stations reveals, fuel sales are not enough to make ends meet.
Posted Jul 29, 2011

Canadian Retailers Realize Sharp Drop in Gas Theft
Coordinated approach among police and gas station personnel has led to a dramatic decrease in gas theft in Moncton, New Brunswick.
Posted Jul 28, 2011

Walgreens Hopes to Be Largest EV Charging Provider in U.S.
The drugstore chain will provide charging stations at approximately 800 locations across the country.
Posted Jul 25, 2011

ConocoPhillips Divides Into Two Companies
The company will break apart its refining and production into two separate businesses.
Posted Jul 15, 2011

U.S. Ethanol Refiners Use More Corn Than Farmers
For the first time, U.S. ethanol producers will have consumed more domestic corn than livestock and poultry farmers.
Posted Jul 14, 2011

Gas Prices Still Have Strong Influence on Consumers' Shopping Behavior
A TNS survey shows that one-third of consumers are more likely to buy private-label brands to save money.
Posted Jul 8, 2011

7-Eleven Plugs In First EV Charging Station
During an event this weekend the c-store chain will showcase its first U.S. electric vehicle charging station.
Posted Jul 8, 2011

Small Gasoline Stations Take a Hit With High Pump Prices
Climbing fuel costs do not translate into more profits, especially for smaller, independent retailers.
Posted Jul 6, 2011

Walmart Rolls Out Gas Savings
The retailer has launched a three-month program giving a 10-cent per gallon discount on fuel at its own gas stations and participating Murphy USA stations.
Posted Jul 1, 2011

Administration Releases 30 Million Barrels From U.S. Oil Reserves
Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency decided to release 60 million barrels of crude oil from strategic reserves, too.
Posted Jun 24, 2011

Green Bay Considers Prepay at the Pump
The ordinance was temporarily put aside, despite two retailers who urged the council to pass the measure.
Posted Jun 23, 2011

Full-Service Still an Option in Kennebunk
A few gasoline stations hold fast to the old ways of pumping gas.
Posted Jun 22, 2011

Gasoline Stations Team With Grocery Stores to Offer Savings
Both find rewards in attaining customer loyalty.
Posted Jun 21, 2011

Senate Passes Ethanol Tax Break Bill
Sen. Tom Corburn's proposal to end ethanol tax subsidies did not have the 60 votes necessary to staunch a threatened filibuster.
Posted Jun 16, 2011

Gasoline Theft on the Rise
With pump prices staying high, gasoline retailers are the targets of thieves who are more interested in the fuel outside than the cash inside.
Posted Jun 15, 2011

Gasoline Apps Take Off
More mobile apps are available for drivers seeking the cheapest fuel.
Posted Jun 14, 2011

Yakama Fuel Dispute Continues
Washington state says the tribe owes $11 million, while the nation counters that they don't receive a full discount.
Posted Jun 14, 2011

Driven to Find the Lowest Price in Town
Saving a few pennies at the pump has become a national pastime.
Posted Jun 13, 2011

High Gas Prices Basis for Lawsuit Against Northeast Gasoline Distributor
The group of 11 retailers allege the distributor contributed to high pump prices in Connecticut.
Posted Jun 13, 2011

Kwik Trip Boosts Electric Car Charging Presence
The Midwest convenience store chain is adding EV charging stations to new locations in three states.
Posted Jun 9, 2011

Energy Department Lowers Outlook for Summer Gasoline Prices
The department estimates that U.S. retail gasoline prices could average $3.75 a gallon during the summer driving season.
Posted Jun 8, 2011

Orlando Stations Still Making News
Orlando Airport stations refuse to back down over posting gasoline prices.
Posted Jun 7, 2011

Pump Skimming Continues
A California community becomes the latest locality to alert residents to the potential dangers lurking inside self-service gasoline pumps.
Posted Jun 6, 2011

Country of Origin Fuel Label Bill Introduced
Rep. Bruce Braley's proposal would require pumps to clearly state from where the fuel came.
Posted Jun 6, 2011

But of Course There's an App for That!
Recargo helps motorists locate electric vehicle charging stations.
Posted Jun 3, 2011

N.J. Bill Would Let Gasoline Retailers Give Discounts, Coupons
Currently, the state does not allow gasoline stations to offer rebates or rewards, such as those tied to loyalty cards.
Posted Jun 1, 2011

The Future of EV Charging Is...Solar?
The Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant is already using sunlight to charge Chevy Volts before they are loaded for transport to dealerships.
Posted May 31, 2011

Hertz Expands Electric Vehicles to Washington
The EV and PHEV fleet will serve a testing ground for consumers, as automakers ramp up production to achieve the goal of becoming the first country to have 1 million EVs on the road by 2015.
Posted May 31, 2011

9/10ths Pricing Helps Gasoline Station Profits
Some say the pricing allows gasoline retailers to pocket more money.
Posted May 27, 2011

Ethanol Supporters Say Biofuel Keeps Pump Prices Low
A new study claims that ethanol blended into gasoline lowers the average price of gasoline by 89 cents.
Posted May 27, 2011

Pump Prices Float Down Before Memorial Day Travel
The national average for unleaded regular gasoline reached $3.81 yesterday.
Posted May 27, 2011

Yakama Tribe Owes $11 Million in Unpaid Gasoline Taxes
Washington State claims that the tribe is not upholding its end of a 75-25 split on gas taxes collected from reservation fueling stations.
Posted May 25, 2011

Trial Date Set for Gas Pump Skimming Case
The alleged perpetrator gathered debit- and credit-card information via devices attached to gasoline pumps.
Posted May 25, 2011

State AGs Look Into Gas Gouging �" From Suppliers
The focus has shifted to determine whether suppliers are gouging retailers.
Posted May 23, 2011

Gasoline Station Thanks Customers With 99-Cent Gas
The Texas retailer wanted to give something back to her loyal patrons.
Posted May 20, 2011

ConocoPhillips' Brands Join Coalition Loyalty Program
The Kickback Points Coalition Loyalty Program gives Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 customers a chance to earn and redeem points for purchases.
Posted May 20, 2011

IEA Calls for More Oil Now
The International Energy Agency said the extra supplies are needed to stop economic harm to importing nations.
Posted May 20, 2011

Talk About Shrinking Margins
$1.10-a-gallon gas mistake costs station owner more than $20,000.
Posted May 19, 2011

USDA Offers Grants for Flex/Blender Pumps
Grants of up to $500,000 are available for flex/blender pump equipment and their installation.
Posted May 18, 2011

Gas Drive-Offs Are Still a Problem for Some Retailers
One Columbus, Ohio station has experienced seven thefts in the past two weeks.
Posted May 17, 2011

High Prices, But Low Margins
Iowa retailer explains that higher prices at the pump do not translate into soaring profits.
Posted May 16, 2011

No Matter the Cost, Pump Prices Always Too High
Americans love to drive, but hate to pay for gas.
Posted May 13, 2011

Toyota Opens Hydrogen Station in California
Station is the first in the U.S. that connects directly to a hydrogen pipeline.
Posted May 12, 2011

Oil Drops, Pump Prices Follow More Slowly
Retail gasoline prices lag wholesale costs on the going up and the coming down.
Posted May 11, 2011

NOCO Express, AAA Team Up to Provide Fuel Savings
Motorists can save three cents per gallon at NOCO Express locations.
Posted May 11, 2011

Oil, Gas Futures Plunge
Oil drops below $100 per barrel and gas futures shed 22 cents.
Posted May 6, 2011

Ralphs, Shell Team Up to Offer Double Points Promotion
Ralphs' Southern California customers can quickly earn more fuel savings at participating Shell stations.
Posted May 4, 2011

Franchisees File Class-Action Lawsuit Against BP
The 15 ampm, ARCO and BP station owners are alleging that the oil company influences gasoline pricing and supplies.
Posted May 4, 2011

Research: Ethanol Reduces Gasoline Prices
A new study shows that on average, ethanol usage has lowered pump prices by 25 cents.
Posted May 4, 2011

Gas Sales Falling in Washington State
Station owners feeling the pinch "as much or more than consumers."
Posted May 3, 2011

Valero Plans Alternative Fuel Stations
The company will build new stores equipped to dispense alternative fuels, such as natural gas and E85.
Posted May 2, 2011

The Case of the Missing Gasoline
As pump prices climb, so do the number of thefts. Meanwhile, Indiana's Attorney General says $4-plus gas prices are not illegal.
Posted Apr 29, 2011

California Gasoline Stations Sue Safeway Over Low Pump Prices
The lawsuit claims the supermarket chain is offering fuel too cheaply.
Posted Apr 28, 2011

Indiana AG Looks Into $4 Gas Prices
Also, the West Virginia AG explains what can and cannot be done about rising pump prices.
Posted Apr 28, 2011

Parker's Extends 15-Cents Per Gallon Discount
"The economy is so very, very difficult for so many people," said Greg Parker, explaining the motivation for expanding the promotion. "We can afford to do this. Let's do it."
Posted Apr 27, 2011

Blame High Oil Prices on Speculators and Bernanke
Bloomberg BusinessWeek blames the Fed for higher fuel prices.
Posted Apr 27, 2011

Gasoline Prices to Impact 2012 Presidential Election
Obama is fighting to curb rising gas prices, which he sees as an obstacle to his re-election bid.
Posted Apr 27, 2011

Obama: No 'Silver Bullet' to Bring Down Gas Prices
Obama criticizes politicians who have been advancing plans to immediately lower the price of gasoline.
Posted Apr 26, 2011

Midwest Slow to Embrace E85
Even in Iowa, with 169,000 flexible-fuel vehicles, motorists purchased less than 60 gallons of E85 per car or truck during 2010.
Posted Apr 26, 2011

Justice Department Forms Price-Gouging Watchdog Group
U.S. Attorney General Holder is asking the group to explore any evidence of manipulation of oil and gas prices, collusion or violations at the retail and wholesale levels of state or federal laws.
Posted Apr 22, 2011

Soaring Pump Prices Line Pockets of Credit Card Firms
Gasoline retailers are not happy with high prices because of the big bite swipe fees take.
Posted Apr 22, 2011

USDA Secretary Vilsack Supports Scaling Back Ethanol Subsidies
The secretary would like to redirect some of those funds to helping gasoline retailers offer more ethanol blends.
Posted Apr 22, 2011

Retailers Turn to Technology to Lower Drive-Offs
QuikTrip's PumpStart is helping the retailer reduce the number of drivers who fill up and leave without paying.
Posted Apr 22, 2011

New Drive-Offs Bill Would Allow Retailers to Tap Into DMV Records
The Indiana legislation would allow retailers to access Bureau of Motor Vehicles records to send a letter to drive-off thieves, demanding payment and a $50 fee.
Posted Apr 21, 2011

Running on Empty
AAA reports rising gasoline costs are prompting motorists to stretch the distance driven between fill ups, the result of which is a rising number of stranded motorists.
Posted Apr 21, 2011

Nigerian Election Results Cause Riots
Hundreds are injured during protests after President Goodluck Jonathan is declared the winner.
Posted Apr 20, 2011

Madrid Opens First Sustainable Fueling Station
An energy company says it's the world's first "clean" gasoline station.
Posted Apr 18, 2011

Retailers Feel the Pain at the Pump, Too
Analysts expect the price to stay high with Memorial Day and the summer vacation season six weeks away.
Posted Apr 13, 2011

USDA Boosts Blender Pump Assistance
The USDA will begin offering grants and loan guarantees for stations that install new blender pumps.
Posted Apr 12, 2011

Rising Gas Prices Prompt Random Pump Inspections at NJ Stations
Local officials have been vigilant to ensure consumers receive what they pay for, especially as prices remain high.
Posted Apr 4, 2011

Grocers Lure Customers With Gasoline
Non-traditional gas retailers are becoming major players in Arizona's retail fuel market, as the number of traditional gas stations continues to decline.
Posted Mar 29, 2011

Colorado Fuel Marketers Struggling at the Pumps
Four Colorado cities rank among the country's 20 least profitable U.S. markets for selling gasoline.
Posted Mar 29, 2011

NY Attorney General Looks Into Price Gouging for Gasoline
The New York Association of Convenience Stores questions the objectivity of the investigation.
Posted Mar 28, 2011

Fort Wayne Marathon Embraces Recycling
The station has a new recycling center that gives points to consumers who recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
Posted Mar 28, 2011

Florida Retailers Feel Pinch of Price Spikes
The gasoline stations are trying to educate their customers that high pump prices don't make them happy.
Posted Mar 28, 2011

State DOTs Continue Push for Commercial Rest Areas
In violation of federal law, AASHTO pushes U.S. DOT to allow for rest area commercialization.
Posted Mar 24, 2011

Utah Opens First Natural Gas Refueling Station
The station is expected to become an important refueling hub for two planned LNG corridors for long-haul trucks in the western United States.
Posted Mar 24, 2011

NJ Governor Says Stations to Remain Full-Service
Despite proposing self-service gas while campaigning for governor in 2009, Christie later dropped the proposal after receiving sharp pushback from state residents.
Posted Mar 24, 2011

Christian Science Monitor Outlines How $100 Crude Oil Could Impact You
The newspaper says higher energy prices are beginning to affect how Americans live.
Posted Mar 23, 2011

Nebraska Votes on Ethanol Blend Labels
The bill would jettison all labeling rules for ethanol blends.
Posted Mar 23, 2011

Nielsen Predicts High Gas Prices Could Mean Lower Spending
However, retailers who can connect with their customers should weather the storm.
Posted Mar 21, 2011

Forces of Supply, Demand Drive Gas Prices
Strongly worded editorial shoots down "the ranting of pundits and politicos" who allege gasoline price gouging.
Posted Mar 17, 2011

Gas Tops $4 in Hawaii
The island becomes the first state with pump prices averaging $4 per gallon.
Posted Mar 16, 2011

Industry Groups Challenge EPA's 15 Percent Ethanol Rule
Industry groups file a federal court challenge to the EPA's decision to allow refiners to increase ethanol use to 15 percent in vehicles manufactured between 2001 and 2006.
Posted Mar 15, 2011

Durbin Calls on Obama to Tap Petroleum Reserve
Senator Durbin urged Obama to tap the 727-million barrel Strategic Petroleum Reserve, maintaining it would combat rising gasoline prices.
Posted Mar 15, 2011

Climbing Pump Prices Has Tourist Businesses Fearful of Decline in Summer Travel
Analysts are predicting gasoline prices will top $4 a gallon soon and stay that way throughout the summer months.
Posted Mar 14, 2011

Pump Prices Jack Up Number of Drive-Offs
Retailers try to stem the flow of motorists who fill up and leave without paying as gasoline prices continue creep up.
Posted Mar 11, 2011

The Debate Over Tapping Oil Reserves
Critics maintain tapping the SPR is not a long-term fix.
Posted Mar 10, 2011

Democrats Ask Obama to Use U.S. Oil Reserve
Soaring oil prices has some lawmakers urging the president to access the country's Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Posted Mar 9, 2011

More Goes Into Pump Prices Than the Cost of Oil
Retailers continually educate their customers on what goes into the price of gasoline.
Posted Mar 9, 2011

BP Introduces Network-Wide Offer to Help Prevent Card Fraud
The FraudGuard Program features opt-in security tools to create a safer site experience for consumers.
Posted Mar 9, 2011

Gasoline Myths Debunked
Next time a friend sends you an e-mail telling you how to reduce gas prices, think about sending them the facts.
Posted Mar 7, 2011

Price of Oil Tops $103 Per Barrel
Reports that Venezuela might help resolve the crisis in Libya eased oil prices slightly.
Posted Mar 7, 2011

High Oil Prices Escalate Razor-Thin Margins
When wholesale prices jump twice a day, independent operators have trouble staying afloat.
Posted Mar 4, 2011

Gas Prices Changing Consumer Habits
Consumers in Daytona Beach are curbing their driving and fill-up habits.
Posted Mar 3, 2011

Ethanol Subsidy Isn't Needed: GAO
GAO characterizes the 45-cents per gallon tax credit as one of the country's wasteful programs that could be eliminated to help address the budget crisis.
Posted Mar 3, 2011

Springfield Stations Can Call 911 To Report Drive-Offs
Rising gas prices can often lead to more fuel theft.
Posted Mar 3, 2011

Convenience Retailers Not Benefiting From Higher Gasoline Prices
Minnesota TV station highlights the tough times of petroleum retailers, who face higher risks as gas prices rise, along with oppressive credit card swipe fees.
Posted Mar 1, 2011

Will Gas Prices Change Driving Behavior?
What price is the tipping point? The past may give guidance to the future.
Posted Feb 28, 2011

In Case You Missed It...
John Eichberger, NACS motor fuels expert, explains how unrest in the Middle East impacts retail gasoline prices in the United States with CNBC's Squawkbox.
Posted Feb 25, 2011

Oil Tops $100, Wholesale Fuels Price Spike
Unrest and uncertainly in Libya lead to huge oil and wholesale fuels price spikes.
Posted Feb 24, 2011

St. Paul Stores Suffer 'Mob Thefts'
Groups of 30 to 40 juveniles flood and rob businesses.
Posted Feb 24, 2011

House Bars EPA From Allowing E15 Gasoline
The House voted to stop the agency from spending funds to put an E15 waiver into place.
Posted Feb 23, 2011

Libyan Unrest Tips Oil Price Increase
With no one knowing what the uprising in Libya will mean to that country's oil production, crude oil prices jumped significantly.
Posted Feb 23, 2011

New Resources Added to NACS Annual Fuels Report
A backgrounder on retailer concerns related to E15 and video highlights from the 2011 Washington Auto Show added to the comprehensive online resource.
Posted Feb 22, 2011

Independent SoCal Arco Station Owners Worried
BP's plan to sell Arco stations is filled with uncertainty for independent petroleum marketers.
Posted Feb 22, 2011

Ethanol is 'Good, Good, Good,' Grassley Says
At a meeting with Ohio farmers, the Iowa senator reaffirms his support of the ethanol industry while rejecting criticism of the country's ethanol policy.
Posted Feb 15, 2011

Boaters Association Issues E15 Warning
E15 could be fine for the tow vehicle, but it's not good � nor authorized by the EPA � for use with boats.
Posted Feb 11, 2011

Electric Car Owners Could Face Non-Gas Tax
Oregon mulls a 0.6 cents per mile fee, while a Washington senator proposes a $100 annual flat tax.
Posted Feb 10, 2011

Fuel Tax Lawsuit Against Washington State Dismissed
The retailers, which allege that the state has unlawfully paid $90 million in fuel tax funds to Native American tribes, will appeal.
Posted Feb 9, 2011

Skimmer Scams Continue in California
Customers across the state are reporting unauthorized debit-card transactions linked to gasoline station skimmer fraud.
Posted Feb 7, 2011

Oil Prices Rise
Traders fear that the violence in Egypt could disrupt oil supply routes or spread to neighboring areas.
Posted Feb 4, 2011

Debate Continues on Offering E15
Retailers who choose to sell E15 or higher risk potential liability issues and costly fines.
Posted Feb 4, 2011

Shell Initiates Market Tests of Nitrogen-Enriched Diesel
The new ULSD fuel will be offered to both commercial and retail customers at select points of sale.
Posted Feb 4, 2011

Unusual Increase in Indiana Water-Gas Citations
Four Indiana gas stations have been cited in the past month for water in the fuel stored in their underground storage tanks.
Posted Feb 3, 2011

CA Stations Still Using Non-Compliant Hands-Free Pumping Clips
California's Fire Marshal office has sent lists of non-compliant stations to local fire districts.
Posted Feb 3, 2011

NACS Annual Fuels Report Is Now Online
Retailers are encouraged to share the online resources designed to address common consumer questions about the U.S. petroleum market in advance of the spring transition to summer-blend fuel.
Posted Feb 2, 2011

Gulf Brand Regains National Status
The Cumberland Gulf Group is expanding its Gulf gas station brand.
Posted Feb 2, 2011

Indy Gas Thefts on the Rise
Police say more drivers are pumping without paying as fuel prices increase.
Posted Feb 1, 2011

N.J. Bill Would Require Gas Stations to Post Cash and Credit Prices
A bill passed by a New Jersey Senate committee would require gas stations to post both cash and credit prices.
Posted Jan 25, 2011

EPA Updates National Emission Standards for Retail Facilities
Agency adds amendments to original rule from 2008.
Posted Jan 25, 2011

EPA Grants E15 Fuel Waiver for Model Years 2001-2006 Cars and Light Trucks
The agency continues its review of public comments for an E15 pump label to help ensure consumers use the correct fuel.
Posted Jan 24, 2011

Vendgogh Announces Gas Island Vending Integration With VeriFone POS Systems
Companies will be able to offer vending at the pump for more than 70,000 convenience stores.
Posted Jan 24, 2011

Nebraska Lawmakers Proposes Gasoline Tax Increase
Increase would raise Nebraska's fuel tax from 7.5 cents to 11.3 cents per gallon.
Posted Jan 20, 2011

Retailers Install Electric Charging Stations
From bagel shops to supermarkets, stores are adding places for electric vehicles to recharge.
Posted Jan 19, 2011

Oklahoma's CNG Prices Drop Below $1 Gasoline Equivalent
Oklahoma Natural Gas stations are selling CNG for about 75 cents per gallon of gasoline equivalent this week, down from $1.29 at the beginning of the year.
Posted Jan 14, 2011

Missouri AG Warns of Price Gouging
Warning comes without precise guidelines or context for identifying price gouging.
Posted Jan 13, 2011

Kroger Gas Business Flourishing
Grocery chain Kroger is opening its 1,000th gas station, expands Shell tie-in.
Posted Jan 13, 2011

Rising Gas Prices Have Lost Shock Value
Drivers resigned as cost exceeds $3 a gallon � again.
Posted Jan 13, 2011

Residents Drive South to Avoid NC Higher Gas Tax
The state's gasoline tax rose to 32.5 cents a gallon Jan. 1.
Posted Jan 10, 2011

Pumps Share News, Fuel
Gasoline stations use the television monitors to promote in-store offerings.
Posted Jan 10, 2011

Experts Weigh In on $5 Gasoline
Come 2012, will $5 a gallon gasoline be the norm?
Posted Jan 7, 2011

Refiners Sue EPA Because of E15
The National Petrochemical and Refiners Association filed a lawsuit over partial approval of 15 percent ethanol gasoline.
Posted Jan 5, 2011

Ethanol More Expensive Than Regular Gasoline
Newspaper details how ethanol has become a victim of its own success, with that victimization now passed on to motorists in the form of higher prices.
Posted Jan 4, 2011

$5 a Gallon Gasoline Coming Soon?
A former Shell executive forecasts that pump prices will reach $5 per gallon by 2012.
Posted Jan 3, 2011

Retailer Embraces Customer Service as 'Key to Success'
Gasoline station owner grew his business by a return to old-fashioned service.
Posted Jan 3, 2011

EPA Drafts Guide To Address E15 Storage in USTs
Inside EPA says the guidance would address similar concerns that came about from MTBE.
Posted Oct 29, 2010

BP Reaffirms Commitment to Retail Brand
Company outlines plan to move brand forward and support branded marketers in 2011.
Posted Oct 29, 2010

Oregon Not Offering EPA-Approved E15
Pending acceptance by the Oregon Legislature and governor and the creation of national standards, Oregon will not be offering E15 for sale within the state.
Posted Oct 26, 2010

Secretary Vilsack Calls for Reinstatement of Biodiesel Tax Credit
The secretary also called upon Congress to reinstate the ethanol tax credit.
Posted Oct 22, 2010

U.S. Ethanol Makers Seek Renewal of Tax Breaks
Facing stiff opposition, though, the ethanol industry said it would consider revising the incentives, which total $6 billion this year.
Posted Oct 21, 2010

Sales, Spirits Rising at BP Stations
Customers returning after spill; oil giant to meet with distributors.
Posted Oct 19, 2010

Judge Rejects Delay in Gas Nozzle Replacement
Three thousand California gasoline stations must remove nozzle latches that failed to work properly.
Posted Oct 18, 2010

BP and Arco Stations to Get Electric Fast Chargers
ECOtality to install its 480-volt Blink fast charger at more than 40 stations in five states.
Posted Oct 14, 2010

Pennsylvania Petroleum Distribution Group Opposes Fuel Tax Amendment
The state House approved the measure last week that would add a new tax on biodiesel fuel.
Posted Oct 13, 2010

Pump Prices Edge Up
Industry analysts predict the average gasoline price will continue to rise.
Posted Oct 13, 2010

New Ethanol-Gasoline Blend Raises Questions For Retailers
Retailers are hesitant to install pumps to accommodate E15, with liability issues unsettled.
Posted Oct 12, 2010

Majority of Americans Confused About Alternative Fuel Vehicle Options
A new survey finds that 71 percent of U.S. adults have little knowledge about alternative fuel vehicles.
Posted Oct 11, 2010

Orlando Gas Stations Win Price Posting Reprieve
The stations are fighting a city ordinance that required gasoline stations to post fuel prices.
Posted Oct 4, 2010

MAPCO Express Offers $1.10 Per Gallon Gas Promo
MAPCO Express launches $1.10 per gallon gas promotion � effective for 110 minutes only on 10/10/10 � at five (secret) locations.
Posted Sep 30, 2010

Murphy Oil Sets Sights on Electric Vehicle Charging
Collaboration with Eaton Corporation will evaluate ways to expand upon an initial test phase and help make charging stations widely available.
Posted Sep 24, 2010

Diesel Fuel Standards Changing in December
Gasoline stations are upgrading their diesel fuel to comply with the new EPA standards.
Posted Sep 22, 2010

100 Percent Gasoline Slowly Disappearing
As more stations switch to E10 and other ethanol blends, pure gasoline is getting harder to find.
Posted Sep 22, 2010

Nozzle Latch Removal Has California Gasoline Stations Fuming
The state fire marshal ordered the removal after the new emission-trapping pump nozzles sprayed more than 12 customers with gasoline.
Posted Sep 21, 2010

Gulf Well Declared 'Effectively Dead'
Five months after the explosion at an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the source of the spilling oil has been plugged.
Posted Sep 21, 2010

Sunoco to Concentrate on Convenience Store Shelves
The new plan could mean larger stores with more products on the shelves or more locations.
Posted Sep 20, 2010

U.S. Drivers Warm to Diesel
The fuel has been picking up converts at a faster clip these days but it still faces hurdles.
Posted Sep 14, 2010

Demand for E85 Lessens
Once the promise of a new fuel future, E85 has not accelerated as much as anticipated.
Posted Sep 14, 2010

Overdraft Protection Could Trigger Holds on Debit Cards
Consumers using bank-issued debit cards run into holds placed on the cards when using them to buy gasoline.
Posted Sep 13, 2010

Charging Up
Soon, thousands of battery-powered vehicles will be searching for juice.
Posted Sep 13, 2010

Gas Prices Still Impacting Trips, Spending Choices
A new study found that most U.S. households are still looking for lower pump prices.
Posted Sep 8, 2010

Wisconsin Markup Law Reinstated
A federal appeals court decided on Friday to restore the state's minimum markup law on gasoline.
Posted Sep 8, 2010

Canada Looks at Biofuel Blend Rules
Soon, Canadian fuel producers and distributors will need to mix renewable fuels into products to meet a 5 percent quota.
Posted Sep 8, 2010

TA and Petro Offer Discounts for AAA Members
AAA members can refuel, replenish, and refresh at a discount.
Posted Sep 7, 2010

API Details Practices for Storing and Handling Ethanol
New document clarifies compatibility requirements and other issues related to selling higher blends of renewable fuels.
Posted Sep 1, 2010

NATSO Chief Responds to Rest Area Commercialization Video
NATSO's chief responds swiftly to Arizona Department of Transportation video that urged a government amendment to the 1956 federal law that prohibits rest area commercialization.
Posted Aug 30, 2010

3,000 Gas Stations Have To Switch Out 'Hold Open' Latches
The California Independent Oil Marketers Association has requested that a fund be established to defray the replacement costs to operators, who have already spent tens of thousands of dollars to meet state standards on gas vapor emissions.
Posted Aug 25, 2010

Local BP Retailers Scrambling for Sales
Consumer animosity is still weighing heavily on franchisees, with BP's local marketing campaigns failing to gain universal traction.
Posted Aug 25, 2010

Another Push for Rest Area Commercialization
Arizona DOT chief releases video detailing why Arizona is seeking to amend a 1956 federal law that bans rest area commercialization.
Posted Aug 24, 2010

Whiskey to Fuel More Than Barflies
Scottish researchers develop a new biofuel made from whiskey by-products to power cars.
Posted Aug 23, 2010

New Jersey Lottery Sets All-Time Record For Ticket Sales
The New Jersey lottery generated $2.6 billion in sales, the highest annual total in its 40-year history.
Posted Aug 17, 2010

Orlando Gas Station Sues City over Signage Law
Station seeks an injunction to block enforcement of the city's new regulation requiring signage identifying gas prices.
Posted Aug 17, 2010

NACS Updates Fuel Distribution Infrastructure Resource
With hurricane season here, the online resource is designed to help retailers explain how storms affect markets across the country � whether or not they are directly hit.
Posted Aug 13, 2010

Long Island Stations Have Trouble With UST Compliance
A new regulatory requirement for double-wall fiberglass USTs is forcing some Long Island retailers to close, sell or remove their pumps.
Posted Aug 13, 2010

OPIS Conference Details For NACS Show Announced
Register by September 3 to receive a $50 discount.
Posted Aug 12, 2010

Swing Vote? WY Governor Candidates Divided Over Gas Tax
Wyoming Legislature will consider a 10-cents per gallon price increase in the state fuel tax, and Wyoming's four gubernatorial candidates are split on its value.
Posted Aug 12, 2010

Pennsylvania Bill Would Require Full-service Pumps
The measure would make gasoline stations with at least six pumps to dedicate one to full service.
Posted Aug 11, 2010

Biodiesel Tax Credit Extension Gets New Life
Sen. Kerry unveils his Clean Energy Technology Leadership Act of 2010.
Posted Aug 11, 2010

Outgoing Senator Urges Federal Gas Tax Hike
Voinovich: Gas tax hike would pump up the job market, help close deficit.
Posted Aug 10, 2010

The Case for Ethanol
In the midst of an increasing chorus of anti-ethanol editorials, Growth Energy Co-Chairman Wesley Clark lays out the biofuel's benefits while clarifying Growth Energy's position.
Posted Aug 10, 2010

Skimmers Come to Colorado
Colorado Springs has had a rash of thieves skimming credit- and debit-card data.
Posted Aug 9, 2010

Dresser Wayne Celebrates Milestone With 500,000th Fuel Dispenser
The company produced its half-millionth fuel dispenser in its Rio de Janeiro factory.
Posted Aug 9, 2010

Arizona Reports 30 Cases of Skimmers at Gasoline Stations
The state has issued warnings to consumers to be extra careful when pumping fuel.
Posted Aug 3, 2010

Playing the Name Game
Some BP gasoline stations want to change to AMOCO to bring back customers.
Posted Aug 3, 2010

World Bank Reports Biofuels Impact on Commodity Prices "Not As Large"
The effect of biofuels on food prices has not had as much of an impact as experts originally anticipated.
Posted Aug 3, 2010

The Pantry Announces Fuel Agreement with Marathon
Kangaroo Express and Marathon joint branding to debut this fall in roughly 285 stores.
Posted Aug 2, 2010

Valero Says Ethanol Subsidy Not Needed
Ethanol producer says eliminating the 45-cents per-gallon biofuel subsidy would not reduce ethanol usage.
Posted Jul 29, 2010

Florida Could Have Statewide Skimmer Ring
In July, 12 credit-card skimmers were discovered at Gainesville gasoline stations.
Posted Jul 28, 2010

Chicago Tribune Editorial: Enough Ethanol
"It's time to eliminate the tax credit," the Chicago Tribune argues. "When it comes to ethanol, heavy subsidies and protectionism have proved to be a bad mix."
Posted Jul 27, 2010

Food Industry Leaders Call for Stopping Subsidies to Ethanol Producers
NACS sends a letter to Congress supporting the extension of the ethanol blenders' tax credit.
Posted Jul 21, 2010

Unstable Gas Prices Flummox Motorists
The volatile global energy market is more likely these days to drive pump prices up or down.
Posted Jul 19, 2010

Atlanta Station Alleges Hot Gas Costs Georgians $53 Million
Class action lawsuit filed against several gasoline retailers, alleging hot gas is short-changing consumers at the pump.
Posted Jul 15, 2010

Wisconsin Ethanol Producers Want To Expand Market
Industry seeking help from federal government in raising ethanol blend limit and providing incentives to retailers to install blender pumps.
Posted Jul 15, 2010

NATSO Urges Senate to Extend Biodisesel Tax Credit
NACS adds its support to the letter sent by the truck stops and travel plazas association.
Posted Jul 14, 2010

Appeals Court Lifts Moratorium on Gulf Drilling
The decision overturns the Obama administration's attempt to impose a six-month stoppage on deepwater drilling.
Posted Jul 12, 2010

European Producers Focus on Ethanol Instead of Biodiesel
Making ethanol is more profitable than biodiesel production.
Posted Jul 9, 2010

EPA to Give Partial Waiver For E15
In September, the agency will grant the exemption for vehicles with model years 2007 and newer.
Posted Jul 6, 2010

Opinion: Oil Spill Will Harm, Not Sink, Economy
Two economists say that the spill will not trigger a recession.
Posted Jul 6, 2010

Chevrolet Volt Adds Four States to Launch
Texas, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut join California, Michigan and Washington, D.C., as launch states for Chevy's new electric vehicle.
Posted Jul 2, 2010

First Half of 2010 Shows Strong Profit Margins for Gasoline Retailers
OPIS reports that the retail segment stands out as a stellar performer through the first two quarters of 2010.
Posted Jul 2, 2010

Renewable Fuels Registration Notice
If you are a renewable fuels blender, are you registered appropriately with EPA to receive RINS?
Posted Jun 29, 2010

Frustrated by Boycott, Station Owners Want BP Help
BP station owners and distributors seek a gasoline price reduction and support for advertising that targets motorists.
Posted Jun 29, 2010

Maryland to Put In Electric Charging Stations
The state is giving $1 million to pay for 64 chargers and improvements to truck stops.
Posted Jun 28, 2010

Biodiesel Tax Credit Stalls in Senate
The bill did not clear a procedural vote Thursday.
Posted Jun 28, 2010

U.K. Gang Caught for Chip-and-Pin Scheme
The thieves grabbed nearly $1.1 million by cloning gasoline customers' cards.
Posted Jun 28, 2010

USDA Needs $168 Billion and More Refineries To Meet RFS2 Goals
USDA estimates that the U.S. will need 527 new biorefineries.
Posted Jun 25, 2010

Ethanol Dispensers Receive UL Safety Certification
NACS continues work on legislation to enable existing equipment to be evaluated and authorized to legally sell higher renewable fuel blends.
Posted Jun 25, 2010

Free Webinar Today Explains EPA's Revised Renewable Fuel Standard
PMCI will provide details about the changes and explain its implications for petroleum marketers in Iowa.
Posted Jun 24, 2010

Oil Executives Challenge Obama's Drilling Ban
Big Oil warned that an embargo on deepwater drilling could hurt the world's energy supplies.
Posted Jun 23, 2010

Sources Still Assessing E15 Delay
NACS is pleased with EPA's announcement indicating that the agency is focused on the testing phase of higher ethanol blends.
Posted Jun 22, 2010

Steady Gas Prices May Help Grow In-Store Sales
Lower gas prices help stimulate inside sales for Georgia convenience store owners.
Posted Jun 22, 2010

Beyond Boycotts
Furious consumers can redirect their energies to other forms of protest: here are some suggestions.
Posted Jun 21, 2010

Nationwide LCFS Would Skyrocket Gasoline and Diesel Prices, Eliminate Millions of Jobs
A new report quantifies real-world impacts on U.S. consumers and workers if a nationwide LCFS becomes reality.
Posted Jun 18, 2010

Case Against California Air Resources Board's LCFS Proceeds
Judge denies the agency's motion to dismiss the case.
Posted Jun 18, 2010

California Gets Ahead of the Electric Car Game
The state wants 25,000 plug-in hybrids on its roads in 2014.
Posted Jun 18, 2010

EU Votes on Standard Food Labels
"Traffic light" color-coding of foods sparks opposition from food manufacturers who claim it would demonize certain products.
Posted Jun 17, 2010

WSJ: Misdirected Boycotts Hurting BP Retailers
Anger over spill increases as oil continues to come ashore.
Posted Jun 16, 2010

Opinion: Defeat of Murkowski Resolution Not End
H. Sterling Burnett posits that the measure brought reasserted "Congress' constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce."
Posted Jun 16, 2010

Federal Authorities Command Quicker Oil Recovery
Tomorrow, President Obama will speak to the nation about the plans for handling this crisis.
Posted Jun 15, 2010

Opinion: The Cost of Gasoline
Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein outlines why he thinks gasoline prices should be higher.
Posted Jun 15, 2010

New York Times: BP Boycotts Hurt the Wrong Guys
Newspaper looks at what protestors can and should do - and retailers will like the advice.
Posted Jun 14, 2010

U.S. Ethanol Exports Remain At Record Pace
As the U.S. market for ethanol remains static, producers are setting record levels for exports.
Posted Jun 14, 2010

Backlash Against BP Gas Stations Mounts
Station owners report vandalism and a drop in gas sales, as talk of consumer protests mount.
Posted Jun 11, 2010

Gas Stations Near Orlando Airport Fight City Over Posting Prices
Owners threaten to sue city over new ordinance that requires them to post prices.
Posted Jun 10, 2010

UL Approves Veyance Technologies' E85
Certification applies to the Veyance Flexsteel Futura liquid fuel dispenser hose, which is designed for use with mid- and high-level ethanol blends.
Posted Jun 10, 2010

ADM Asks EPA for 12 Percent Ethanol Mandate
Archer Daniels Midland Company maintains that a 12-percent ethanol blend would produce a short-term effect of making the fuel more widely available.
Posted Jun 10, 2010

Some Pennsylvania Gas Stations Hide 'BP' Signs
One group is calling for Saturday to be Worldwide Protest BP Day.
Posted Jun 9, 2010

EPA Clarifies Diesel Labels Requirements
Letter to American Petroleum Institute says retailers can use old and new labels through November 30, 2010.
Posted Jun 8, 2010

BP Sees Progress in Stopping Oil Flow
The containment cap fitted over the oil leak has begun to suck up more oil.
Posted Jun 8, 2010

Two Lawsuits Against 'Hot Fuel' Practice In Kansas Get Class-Action Status
Court rules that two lawsuits meet the standards to represent consumers not named in the suits who allegedly were affected by the hot-fuel practice in Kansas.
Posted Jun 7, 2010

Boycott BP? Not So Fast
BP boycotts won't affect the oil company's bottom line, but they will have a devastating impact on 11,000-plus undeserving recipients.
Posted Jun 3, 2010

Arizona Pushes for Rest Area Reform
The push for rest area commercialization reform continues, with Arizona officials leading the way.
Posted Jun 3, 2010

Report: Ethanol Production Gaining In Efficiency
Ethanol production is also creating a greater diversification of co-products.
Posted Jun 3, 2010

Bronx May Land Fuel Alternative
New York's first public alternative fuel station would further Mayor Bloomberg's green vision by pumping natural gas, ethanol, and biodiesel.
Posted Jun 3, 2010

WilcoHess Installs Gas Island Vending Solutions
Patented gas island cold drink vending solution aimed at boosting beverage sales from gas island customers.
Posted Jun 3, 2010

Retailers Worried About BP Boycotts
Around the country, more voices are calling for a boycott of BP stations as yet another attempt to fix the leak failed.
Posted Jun 2, 2010

Gasoline Station Coalition Files Lawsuit Against Washington State
The group wants to stop fuel tax reimbursements to Native American tribes.
Posted Jun 1, 2010

Congress Shows Support for Electric Cars With New Bills
Such proposals would give tax credits to electric car buyers and grants to cities to build the necessary infrastructure.
Posted Jun 1, 2010

Congress Could Quadruple Tax on Oil for Cleanups
The increase of the tax to 32 cents per barrel would generate close to $11 billion over the next 10 years.
Posted May 26, 2010

NACS Explains Station Ownership
NACS Chairman Jay Ricker appears on CNBC, NBC affiliates, explaining that protests directed at stations selling BP fuel hurt small, local businesses.
Posted May 24, 2010

White House to Expand Auto Emissions Standards
The new fuel economy standards will be for cars and trucks, including medium- and heavy-duty trucks.
Posted May 24, 2010

Gasoline Prices Drop in Face of Dollar, Supplies Gain
With Memorial Day weekend less than two weeks away, analysts say pump prices should stay low.
Posted May 19, 2010

Biodiesel Producers Beg for Tax Credit Renewal
Four U.S. biodiesel makers are asking Congress to bring back the federal biodiesel tax incentive, which expired in December.
Posted May 17, 2010

Just in Time: Lower Gasoline Prices?
The summer driving season could see lower prices at the pump, according to analysts.
Posted May 14, 2010

Oil Spill Places Additional Pressure on BP
Analysts note that the company could face serious financial wounds because of the Gulf drilling rig explosion last month.
Posted May 12, 2010

Giant, Shell Team Up to Help Customers Save at the Pump
Consumers will be able to shop at Giant and save on fuel at participating Shell stations with their Giant loyalty card.
Posted May 12, 2010

EPA to Streamline Fuel Conversion Systems Approval Process
Goal is to encourage innovative and environmentally friendly conversions.
Posted May 11, 2010

Oil Spill Not Yet Affecting Pump Prices
Experts say that the disaster won't contribute to higher gasoline prices in the near future.
Posted May 7, 2010

Schwarzenegger Drops Offshore Drilling Plan
Citing the BP oil spill, Gov. Schwarzenegger said he could no longer back a California offshore drilling initiative.
Posted May 6, 2010

Stopping Oil Spill Calls for Feat of Engineering
BP plans to attempt to direct the flowing oil into a metal container.
Posted May 5, 2010

BP Boosts Oil Spill Response Efforts
The company outlined a multi-pronged clean-up approach including onshore activity in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.
Posted May 3, 2010

Oil Spill Doesn't Bode Well for Offshore Exploration
The massive spill may cause problems for President Obama to move ahead with his plans to expand offshore drilling.
Posted Apr 30, 2010

PumpTop TV Joins Forces with ExerciseTV
Partnership will provide an interactive experience at the pump with ExerciseTV trainers.
Posted Apr 29, 2010

SC Senate Bill Increases Gas Tank Cleanup Fees
Bill would raise UST annual fees for South Carolina gas stations from $100 to $500 by 2015.
Posted Apr 29, 2010

Hawaii Gas Tax To Go Higher
A proposed barrel tax hike could add to cost of Hawaii's retail gasoline.
Posted Apr 20, 2010

Rising Fuel Prices Could Chill Summer Vacation Plans
With gasoline prices expected to top $3 per gallon nationwide this summer, NPR speculates that the increase will discourage Americans from going on vacation.
Posted Apr 20, 2010

A 'Hamburger Helper' for Diesel Fuel
Nevada firm produces a diesel-natural gas hybrid that runs through conventional fuel pumps, truck fuel tanks and diesel engines.
Posted Apr 20, 2010

Should Full-service Gas Be Required?
A Michigan House committee is looking into a measure that would force gasoline stations to have at least one full-service pump.
Posted Apr 9, 2010

Valero Reaches Agreement to Prevent Tobacco Sales To Minors
Company agrees to implement a number of measures aimed at eliminating tobacco sales to minors.
Posted Apr 9, 2010

Study Knocks Virtues of Cellulosic Ethanol
Cellulosic ethanol production could have negative effects on the environment and future crops, according to a Kansas State University study.
Posted Apr 8, 2010

Brazil Announces Temporary Elimination of Ethanol Tariff
The move has failed to pressure the United States into lowering or removing its tariff and taxes on imported ethanol.
Posted Apr 7, 2010

First Compressed Natural Gas Pump Opens in Oklahoma City
The Total Express convenience store added the alternative transportation fuel to its gasoline pumps.
Posted Apr 7, 2010

1920s Station Caught in Preservation Debate
Massachusetts maintains that the station merits historic preservation � even if it's eventually demolished.
Posted Apr 6, 2010

Gasoline Has Its Advantages
As cars become more fuel-efficient and the downsides for ethanol and all-electric vehicles mount, the case for gasoline is strengthening.
Posted Apr 6, 2010

Industry Group Targets Potential Energy Taxes With Ads
The American Petroleum Institute launched the campaign in Washington, D.C., and nearly a dozen states.
Posted Apr 5, 2010

Obama Details Plan to Open Offshore Oil Drilling
The president's plan adopts many of the proposals offered by former President George W. Bush, including opening much of the Atlantic and Arctic Coasts.
Posted Apr 1, 2010

Renewable Fuel Standard Challenged With Lawsuits
The American Petroleum Institute and the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association filed separate lawsuits against the EPA's final rule for the second stage of the Renewal Fuel Standard.
Posted Mar 31, 2010

Nissan Introduces Electric Leaf in United States
Priced at $33,000, the all-electric sedan will start shipping to parts of the country early next year.
Posted Mar 31, 2010

S.D. Gas Stations Carve Out Neighborhood Success
Succeeding in a small, six-station town requires a personal investment in the region and its people.
Posted Mar 30, 2010

Washington Gas Station Owners Want Tax Overturned
Angered by environmentalists' push to more than double the tax on oil and other chemicals, an association of gas station owners has sued the state to overturn the tax altogether.
Posted Mar 29, 2010

Group Forecasts Global 2010 Ethanol Output Of 22.7 Billion Gallons
Production could increase more than 16%, with the U.S. leading the way in global production.
Posted Mar 25, 2010

New Environmental Rest Stops Planned for Ohio Turnpike
Green rest areas will feature ethanol fueling stations and electric car recharging bays.
Posted Mar 25, 2010

NACS Tells EPA to Eliminate Stage II Requirements
The association calls for a revision of station requirements in comments filed on proposed ozone standard revisions.
Posted Mar 24, 2010

Filling Up the Old-Fashioned Way
Tom Charles proudly owns and operates a full-service gasoline station with all the courtesies of a bygone era.
Posted Mar 24, 2010

Georgia Bill Lets Retailers Increase Prices in Emergencies
The state Senate has passed legislation allowing gasoline station owners to charge higher prices when an emergency is declared.
Posted Mar 23, 2010

Fowl Fuel?
Scientists have developed a process for converting chicken feather meal into biodiesel fuel.
Posted Mar 23, 2010

Connecticut Bill To Regulate Gasoline Prices Advances
Price-gouging language provides some clarification for fuel marketers, with more work to be done.
Posted Mar 22, 2010

South Dakota Blender Pumps Get Fed Boost
Stations can apply for $10,000 grants to cover installation.
Posted Mar 22, 2010

Dresser Wayne Unveils Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispensers
The dispensers provide DEF bulk filling at truck stops and large fleet sites.
Posted Mar 18, 2010

Dresser Wayne Ovation Eco Fuel Dispenser Now UL-Approved for up to E25
NACS confirms with UL that this certification only applies to new dispensers, not those currently in use by retailers.
Posted Mar 17, 2010

Illinois Suburbs Increasingly Turn to Gas Taxes
Rising petroleum prices have not deterred localities looking to raise the fuel tax.
Posted Mar 8, 2010

N.B. Gas Retailers Appeal For Relief
With gasoline mark-ups capped at 5 cents per liter, the Atlantic Convenience Store Association appeals for relief, maintaining that profit margins are squeezing retailers.
Posted Mar 5, 2010

Shell, Motiva Win High Court Ruling Over Gas Station Leases
Unanimous decision rules that oil companies can change their leases with independent service station owners and that station owners cannot therefore press claims pursuant to the U.S. Petroleum Marketing Practices Act.
Posted Mar 4, 2010

FTC Seeks Public Comments on Ethanol Labeling Rule
The proposal would make mid-level fuel blends be certified, labeled and rated.
Posted Mar 3, 2010

Iowa Ethanol Mandate Bill Probably Dead
A bill to mandate ethanol use in Iowa is effectively dead for this session; PMCSI states preference for free market over mandates.
Posted Mar 2, 2010