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Game On! Ultra Strength Beer Race Revived With 120-Proof Dutch Concoction

The Refrigerated Ship, at 60-percent alcohol by volume, is now the world's strongest beer, with a six-pack setting you back roughly $276.
August 2, 2010

ALMERE, The NETHERLANDS - Just when you thought things couldn€™t get any stronger, a Dutch brewer has achieved mind-numbing greatness with its 120-proof beer, setting a new world record for alcoholic content in a beer, reports Sify.

Created by Nijboer's, 't Koelschip (the refrigerated ship) is packed in one-third liter (roughly 10-ounce) bottles and costs 35 euros ($46). But this is no beer bong-type brew. Due to its high alcohol content, its manufacturer urges consumption restraint.

"You don't drink it like beer, but like a cocktail - in a nice whisky or cognac glass," said brewer Jan Nijboer.

Nijboer said he developed the 60 percent alcohol by volume beer to compete with Scottish brewers who have been pushing the boundaries of beer's alcohol content.

"It has become a little competition. You should see it as a joke," Nijboer said.