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Massachusetts Town First in Nation to Ban Bottled Water

Concord residents voted to ban the sale of bottled water within city limits.
April 30, 2012

CONCORD, Mass. - Bottled water might be hard to find in the historic town of Concord. Last week, the town voted 403 to 364 to ban the sale of bottled water sold in a 1 liter or less container. Stores that violate the ban could be fined up to $50. The ban is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2013, pending approval from the state attorney general��s office.

A Boston Globe editorial bashed the town��s move, noting that the bottled water ban was the "brainchild" of an 84-year-old resident who took up the cause several years ago in hopes of reducing litter. Another resident said the ban would stop the "rumbling" of trucks coming into town making deliveries.

"Well, since the measure doesn��t ban liter, gallon or those giant water cooler-sized bottles, we��re not sure how this solves the 'rumble�� problem. And gosh, wonder how juice and soda and dare-we-think-it chardonnay get to Concord?" notes the editorial.