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Nov 21, 2014

Massachusetts Town Drops Tobacco Ban Proposal
Vocal public opposition to nation’s first tobacco ban causes board of health to pull proposal.

Webinar Offers Insights into Potential Cyber Security Legislation
Congress may act soon to take up cyber security legislation, so get to know the landscape.

Be a Part of the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Compensation Report
HR professionals can benefit from critical benchmarking data, but we need your help.

41.3 Million Americans Hitting the Road Next Week
AAA’s Thanksgiving travel forecast projects highest number of travelers since 2007.

C.H. Robinson Collaborates on One-Day Food Fundraiser
The NACS member company partnered with local news station to sponsor Twin Cities food drive.

Nov 20, 2014

NACS Signs Tax Extender Letter to Congress
More than 525 organizations urged Congress to pass business-friendly tax legislation this year.

The Price of Air
Gas station chain being sued for charging to use air pumps.

Alternative Fuels Seek Market Share
Experts discuss how alternative fuels are finding their place among a gas-dominated market at Fuels Institute Summit.

7-Eleven Getting Into the Medicine Business
Convenience chain will launch its own line of OTC meds.

How Bitcoin Could Change the Payments Industry
Millennials' lack of attachment to physical currency likely to drive adoption.

Nov 19, 2014

Understanding Expectations of Invested Customers
The new breed of “invested” customer has higher expectations but increased loyalty.

Consumer Behavior and Its Influence on Fuels
Panelists at Fuels Institute meeting analyze consumer trends and their impact on the vehicle and fuels market.

Merchants and Credit Cards Are Getting Safer
Systems being updated to better protect consumers in the lead-up to the holiday season.

Chocolate Lovers: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
Chocolate makers caution that worldwide cocoa shortage likely by 2020.

Retailers Welcome Ontario Government's Commitment to Addressing Contraband Tobacco
Increased government action needed to stem rampant illegal tobacco sales.

Nov 18, 2014

Balancing the Future of Fuels with Environmental Needs
Fuels Institute’s inaugural meeting delves into how regulations, particularly in California, influence fuels and vehicles markets.

Gas Station Dining Can Be a Community Game-Changer
Seoul Food D.C., profiled in Ideas 2 Go, is a model for creating an urban feel in suburbs.

Merchants Brief Congress on Mobile Payment Issues
Panelists recommend technology-neutral legislation, emphasize need for innovation.

Ohio Lottery Wants to Make Scratch-Offs a Holiday Tradition
New marketing campaign takes advantage of holiday sales window to encourage gift givers to buy scratch-off tickets.

Are You Ready for a Millennnial Workforce?
Starting next year, Millennials will make up a majority of the workforce, but corporate attitudes toward them may need to change.

Nov 17, 2014

Position Your Company for Global Success
NACS Global Forum in Singapore is a powerful networking opportunity for retail leaders.

Commuting by Car Is Down in More Cities and States
Nationwide trend showing decrease in car commuting will be further analyzed in January Fuels Institute report.

Lower Gas Prices Already Leading to Bigger Baskets
Retailers like Walmart attribute Q3 increase in part to low prices at the pump.

FDIC and DOJ Agree to Operation Choke Point Investigation
Agencies will launch preliminary inquiry into program potentially targeting tobacco sales, in response to requests from congressmen.

Michigan Lawmakers Expected to Vote on Bill Requiring Added Security
The Herringa Act would add extra safety measures for third-shift workers at 24-hour convenience stores.