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May 22, 2015

Americans Driving Record Number of Miles This Year
Low gas prices contribute to increase in miles driven, to start what is likely to be a record-breaking year.

NACS Participates in Policy Summit on Dietary Guidelines
Association joins former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and head of Let’s Move! in panel to address ways to support consumer adoption of healthy eating habits.

Payments Association Approves Same-Day ACH
Move to allow faster ACH payments introduces worrisome fee-setting akin to a swipe fee.

Senate Banking Committee Addresses Financial Oversight
Lack of Democratic votes kills draft bill that would have scaled back debit swipe fee reform.

New Service Will Allow Businesses to Enable P2P Payments
MasterCard service geared to businesses as a way to more easily reimburse customers.

May 21, 2015

App-Based Gas Delivery on Demand
For a fee, Filld will top off your customer’s tank, wherever they are.

Florida Renews Fight Against Skimmers
State agency announces partnership with fuel and convenience industries to increase awareness of fraud at the pump.

Los Angeles Closer to Increasing Minimum Wage to $15
The $6 increase would be phased in over the next five years, with extension for small businesses.

The Bacon Trend Is Here to Stay
Lower wholesale prices and creative concoctions lead to a resurgence of all things bacon.

British Customers Returning to the Corner Shop
Today’s consumers are frequently turning to neighborhood ‘top-up’ shopping.

May 20, 2015

Senators Urge FDA to Delay Menu Labeling
Bipartisan group of legislators believe that while delay is a temporary fix, pending legislation would provide more effective response for retailers.

Target Plans Added Emphasis on Fresh
Shift in supply priorities may come at a cost to traditional CPG companies.

Union Requests FTC Probe of Franchisor Practices
Petition claims that franchisors, including McDonald’s and 7-Eleven, promote harmful practices.

Further Victory for Merchants in Amex Antitrust Case
Federal judge denies Amex’s motion for stay pending appeal.

Tweet Your Toppings
Domino’s continues tech evolution with new ordering via Twitter.

May 19, 2015

Gassed Up: Americans Ready for Summer Road Trips
NACS study shows majority of Americans planning summer vacations will be driving.

Non-Petroleum Transportation Fuels at 50-Year High
Increased use of natural gas and biofuel blending responsible for increase.

Kansas Senate Rejects Stronger Beer Sales in C-Stores
Similar bill awaits a vote in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Self-Serve Fueling a Possibility for New Jersey
State senators introduce legislation that would give consumers the choice of self-serve fueling.

Convenience Shoppers Heavily Influenced by Advertising
Impulse and undecided shoppers most likely to respond to path-of-purchase advertising.

May 18, 2015

Autonomous Cars Get the Green Light
Google’s self-driving cars are hitting the roads this summer in Mountain View, California.

Philly Grocer Thrives in Food Desert
Brown’s Super Stores did its research to respond to consumer needs in low-income neighborhood.

Americans Feel Charitable at the Checkout
More than half of consumers say they like being asked to give to a charity while at the register.

Nebraska Legislature Overrides Gas Tax Veto
Phased in over four years, the state’s gas tax will increase a total of 6 cents by 2019.

DQ Removes Sodas from Kid’s Menu
Dairy Queen Corp. is removing carbonated soft drinks from its children’s menu.

Wacky Combos Work for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s
The Most American Thickburger is packed with beef, a grilled hot dog, American cheese and a layer of kettle chips.

May 15, 2015

Is That Banana for Here, or To-Go?
Obscure Florida sales tax laws are costing retailers.

House Financial Services Committee Holds Hearing on Data Security
Hearing focused on value of PIN authentication and retailers’ payment responsibilities.

Dispensing Loyalty
A strategic refillable mug program can help build and sustain beverage sales.

Retailers File New Opt-Out Suit Against Card Companies
Latest suit against Visa and MasterCard claims a conspiracy in setting interchange fees.

Lay’s Goes Custom
Lay's letting people create customized potato chip bags.

Black Beans Are the New Black
Rutter’s adds black bean burger, other lower fat options, to menu.

May 14, 2015

Got Gamification?
With customer engagement a top priority, a majority of retailers plan to introduce gamification by 2020.

Minnesota Votes to End Online Lottery
Senators approve bill which would end online games, as well as those at ATMs and on fuel pumps.

TIME Talks Gas Station Pizza
Magazine says c-stores are ‘the hottest new pizza places.’

Chase Announces Expanded Plans for EMV-Compliant Cards
Bank also pledges to help gain wider acceptance for chip-enabled cards.

China More Than Doubles Cigarette Tax to 11%
Increased tax is one of the latest attempts to reduce the country’s high smoking rate.

May 13, 2015

Star Trek-Inspired Technology Prepares Meals in Seconds
Israeli entrepreneurs create “Star Trek” Replicator-inspired food technology that can produce meals in 30 seconds.

Milwaukee Retailer Focuses on Fresh
Sendik’s Food Market plans to grow its Fresh2GO convenience store concept.

Home of Square Burger Tests Veggie Option
Wendy’s is testing a black bean veggie burger at two Ohio locations.

‘I Quit!’ at 7-Year High
Department of Labor says 2.8 million workers left their jobs in March, the most since April 2008.

Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy Franchises Ban Tobacco Sales
Pharmacies join CVS drugstore chain in eliminating tobacco sales from stores.

Subway Opens 5,000th C-Store Location
Milestone restaurant opened up in a Lima, Peru, convenience store.

May 12, 2015

Consumer Optimism Wilts as Gas Prices Rise
NACS consumer survey results show a decline in optimism as fuel prices increase across the country.

Tennessee Fuel and Convenience Store Association Achieves Victories
Organization has recent legal and legislative success stories on CNG and cigarette mark-up issues.

EMV Wind Tunnel
We need a fact-based approach to deploying EMV, not arbitrary deadlines.

Japanese C-Stores Catering to Elderly Customers
Demographic shift inspires c-store channel to develop new models that appeal to increasingly higher number of older customers.

Human Error the Most Common Cause of Data Breaches
Breaches not limited to cybercrime, almost a quarter of those studied involved paper records.

Toyota Betting Big on Mirai FCV
Washington Post reporter gives a thumbs-up after test drive, but still in doubt over future of ‘future car.’

May 11, 2015

Adding Grocery Stores Won’t Fix Food Deserts
Studies show food cost, consumer habits trump easier access to fresh foods.

Freshii CEO Dares McDonald’s CEO to ‘Try Us’
Fast-growing better-for-you fast-food chain is challenging McDonald's to co-brand with a mini-Freshii unit and see what happens.

Drugstores Should Go Boldly Into the Future
Creating metaphorical concept cars could help drugstores unleash creativity and position themselves for the future, retail design veteran Joseph Bona advises.

Shake Shack Competitor Coming to New York
Chinese burger chain Uncle Sam’s announces plans to open restaurants in New York City.

Whole Foods Plans to Open Smaller, More Affordable Stores
‘Whole Paycheck’ grocer is hoping to attract younger shoppers with smaller format stores and lower prices.

May 8, 2015

No Such Thing as Intrastate Gambling
NACS weighs in on the states’ rights argument when it comes to online lotteries.

PATENT Act Hearing Includes Beneficial Provisions
Latest version of legislation includes provisions that will help retailers, frequent victims of patent trolls.

Oregon Considers Ending Full-Serve Fueling
Rural fuel retailers are asking for legislation to allow self-serve pumps, eliminating the need for 24-hour staffing.

Australian Convenience Industry Outpaces Other Channels
Convenience retailing industry records strong growth in 2014, with increased tobacco and fuel sales.

Chicago May Limit All-Night Convenience Stores
Proposal would require 24-hour operators to request special approval through an onerous permitting process.

Hawaii Lawmakers Eliminate Ethanol Mandate
Legislation awaiting the governor’s signature would make Hawaii second state to end ethanol mandates.

May 7, 2015

Alabama Governor Proposes Cigarette Tax Hike
Retailers are worried that increasing the tax will drive business out of state.

Poll Finds Snackers Younger, Munching on Sweets
The majority of the 80% of U.S. consumers who grab a snack daily lean toward indulgent foods.

Thieves Find Low-Tech Way to Steal Gas
Thieves have targeted several California gas stations by switching nozzles at the pump.

Millennials More Optimistic
A new report finds that Gen Y’s consumer confidence has hit an all-time high.

U.K. Forecourt Closures Slow Significantly
New survey finds that the number of gasoline stations going out of business has steadied.

May 6, 2015

A Step Closer to New Overtime Rules
U.S. Department of Labor moving forward on updates to federal overtime regulations.

Big Fees for Small Businesses
When it comes to accepting payments, small retailers face big challenges.

Nine Convenience Retailers Shortlisted for International Award
With popular voting over, field of 15 has been narrowed to nine finalists for NACS Insight 2015 International Convenience Retailer of the Year Award.

McDonald’s Testing Delivery as Part of Restructuring
Fast-food giant is latest QSR to partner with Postmates to try out delivery service in New York.

Next 10 Years Mean Vital Change for Food Industry
Technomic forecasts changes that will ‘make or break’ companies.

May 5, 2015

Congress Introduces Bill to Raise Federal Minimum Wage
Bill would raise minimum wage to $12, over five years.

7-Eleven Names Veterans as Franchise Winners
In a surprise twist, all three Operation: Take Command contest finalists will win a fee-free franchise location.

Audi Researchers Make Fuel from Water and Air
New synthetic diesel fuel given its first test run in Germany last week.

The Unproven Potential of Apple Watch
While much of the device’s impact is yet to be known, it has the potential to be a retail disruptor.

Strong Demand for Trucks and SUVs Driving Auto Sales
Better than expected April sales keeping industry on track for best year in a decade.

May 4, 2015

Battery Swap Model May Be the Future of Transportation
Fuels Institute hosts first-ever student case competition during last week’s spring meeting.

Beacons Beckon at Conexxus Annual Conference
Use of beacons is increasing exponentially said experts, benefitting both retailers and consumers.

Opening Up the Umbrella to Consumers
Where they’re going next and what they really want from fuels and vehicles were focal points of Fuels Institute event.

American Express Will Revise Merchant Agreements Following Court Ruling
Judge rules that merchants may encourage customers to use other debit, credit cards.

Arizona Bans Plastic Bag Bans
State legislature makes it illegal for Arizona cities to prohibit plastic bags, following local bans.

May 1, 2015

Factors Affecting Future of Transportation Technology
Autonomous cars, platooning and virtualization all on the horizon for a highly connected transportation industry.

Nominate a Colleague for NACS Scholarships
Scholarship program helps future convenience leaders achieve their dreams.

The Do-It-Myself Generation
Newest survey on Millennials shows almost a quarter prefer self-service kiosks to interacting with cashiers.

Gas Prices Inspiring American Wanderlust
AAA survey shows that 18- to 34-year-olds likely to drive more thanks to lower gas prices.

Beijing Tries New Moves to Reduce Smoking
New strategy will crowdsource enforcement of no-smoking rules throughout city.

Apr 30, 2015

Ask Your Legislator to Co-Sponsor Sensible Menu Labeling Bill
NACS supports H.R. 2017, and we need you to ask your state representative for their support for the bill.

Chicago Council Considers Mandating E15 Fuel at Some Stations
Chicago Sun-Times editorial rejects the measure, saying ‘benefits don’t justify the costs.’

House Committee Marks Up the TROL Act
NACS sent a letter to committee expressing support for amendments to patent troll legislation.

British American Tobacco Hikes Prices
The world’s second-biggest tobacco firm has increased cigarette prices to counter drooping sales.

The Resurgence of Pizza
After several years of sagging sales, pizza chains are registering growth once again.

Social Media Spurs Return of Burger King’s Chicken Fries
Lovers of the fry-like chicken strips talked up how much they missed the menu item.

Apr 29, 2015

New Menu Labeling Legislation Emerges
NACS supports a bipartisan bill that addresses retailer concerns, providing measure of flexibility for retailers.

Capturing the Fill-In Shoppers
General Mills releases survey analyzing shopper attitudes around ‘quick trip’ shopping.

Not If, But When
Federal cybersecurity expert shares framework for thinking about growing risk of cyber threats.

New Online Insurance Calculator Available for Independent Operators
Instant online estimates include coverage for fuel sales, restaurants, car washes, pumps, spoilage and more.

Amazon Launches Amazon Business Marketplace
New service from online giant will offer fast, free delivery on business necessities from office supplies to foodservice equipment.

Apr 28, 2015

Hawaii Poised to Raise Smoking Age
Bill sent to governor would raise tobacco use and purchasing age to 21, including electronic cigarettes.

Conexxus Annual Conference Addresses Evolving Technology Landscape
First day’s speakers address growing influence of mobile and social on retail and payments.

Conexxus Honors Technology Hall of Fame Inductees
Ann Seki and Ann Dozier recognized for their tireless efforts to better the industry.

Kum & Go Expands E15 Availability
Convenience retailer plans to make E15 available at more than 65 stores across seven states.

Older Employees ‘Critical’ to Today’s Workforce
Nearly a third of workers over age 50; employees over age 65 outnumber teenage workers for the first time since 1948.

Discover Gets on Board With Apple Pay
The last holdout among major card companies, Discover has reached an agreement with Apple Pay.

Apr 27, 2015

Consumers Turning to Fresh Items in Convenience Stores
More than six in 10 American consumers (61%) say convenience stores are offering healthier, nutritious products, according to NACS data.

Deadly Spice Craze Intensifies
Increasing sale and use of the illegal synthetic drug Spice has put health officials on high alert.

Common Sense Menu-Labeling Legislation Comes to Congress
U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers brings NACS-supported legislation that will provide a less burdensome approach to new menu labeling regulations.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasures
Washington Post food writer agrees that sometimes a bit of indulgence is a good thing.

Pepsi Reformulates Diet Soda
New version of Diet Pepsi will be free of aspartame and on store shelves in August.

QuickChek Named Best Place to Work in New York
The fresh market convenience store chain moved up in the rankings this year from 16th to 7th.