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Chicago 2017
October 17-20
McCormick Place

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 Frank Beard

Speaker, Fitness and Health Writer, Advocate for Healthful C-store Food Choices

​Endurance athlete, writer, voracious reader, busy professional. Frank runs, cycles, and swims, but also travels throughout the US for work—making eating on-the-go a requirement. But there’s a perception that “healthy eating” doesn’t take place when you eat out. Restaurants, fast-food, and convenience-stores—they’re spoken of as if they’re part of the problem.

After years of hearing this, Frank decided to put the myth to rest once and for all. That’s why he spent 30 days eating exclusively at convenience stores. He traveled across 9 states, visited more than 200 stores, and documented every step of the journey. He now shares with companies the methods and strategies by which they can make healthful food available for their customers.