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Frito-Lay Converts Fleet to Alternative Fuels

Company builds strong partnerships to develop commitment to reduce emissions.
November 12, 2014

​COLUMBUS, Ohio – Fleet efficiency is critical to a national foods producer like Frito-Lay and the company — and its parent company PepsiCo — have committed to an aggressive plan to conserve fuel and reduce emissions of its delivery trucks and sales cars. Frito-Lay has made the switch to an alternative fuel fleet, including electric- and propane-powered vehicles, through a partnership with Clean Fuels Ohio.

That effort has had a positive impact in Ohio, as the Frito-Lay fleet of 45 propane-powered Ford E350 vans and five electric Newton delivery trucks have changed attitudes about the impact of alternative-fueled vehicles on fleet sustainability. The vehicles have turned heads across the state — among employees, customers and the public.

“In 2007, Frito-Lay and PepsiCo began a concerted, nationwide effort to reduce emissions and conserve fuel,” said Glenn Reynolds, fleet manager for the company’s mid-America region, in a press release. The company is working toward achieving a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2017 through its sales and delivery fleet vehicles.

To develop, implement and perfect its program, Frito-Lay worked with a variety of partners, including Clean Fuels Ohio and the Clean Cities program of the U.S. Department of Energy for possible grant funding; Ford Motor Company, to convert E350 vans for propane use; and Smith Electric to secure 15 all-electric Newton delivery vehicles.

The company also called upon its partners to establish fueling and charging stations to service all their electric and propane vehicles around the state. “We worked with a long-time partner, Ferrell Gas, to establish propane fueling stations that service our distribution centers around the state,” Reynolds explained. In addition, five electric vehicle chargers were installed in Columbus to service the Newton delivery vehicles stationed there.

Since 2007, Frito-Lay has dramatically improved its carbon footprint. Today, all of the company’s fleet sales cars are hybrids and more than 200 electric vehicles are currently in use. In Ohio, implementation of the company’s alternative fuel vehicles has gone well, and the response has been positive. The company has continued to investigate other technologies, including smart road technology, GPS integration and cell connectivity.