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The New Bargain Hunters

More males are looking for sales and using coupons when shopping.
September 25, 2013

​NEW YORK – Real men are on the lookout for a good deal, according to a new survey from WSL Strategic Retail has discovered, CNBC reports. Driven by Millennial and Generation X males, more men are scouring stores for sales (63%) and using coupons (more than half) on a regular basis.

“I think we've reached a point in society where Millennial and Gen X men grew up a little differently,” said Candace Corlett, WSL's president. “They grew up hanging out in a mall in a world where there were so many stores. They didn’t marry as young, and now they’re married to working women. Now all of these forces are coming together to create a new world of male shoppers.”

Deal sites, such as, have seen a surge in male shoppers. A recent survey from RetailMeNot found that around 40% of users are men. “You saw shopping behavior shift during the recession, and men wanted to save just as much as anyone,” said Brian Hoyt, RetailMeNot’s communication head. “There was no sort of social stigma to it online.”

Retailers have been paying attention, with several, such as Coach and Michael Kors, actively investing more in growing its menswear. “I think we're in an era where every shopper counts, and retailers are working hard to squeeze growth out of retailers and you can't count on Mom with the big basket anymore,” said Corlett. “You have to look at every shopper in the store.”

To reach more male shoppers, retailers need to make the shopping experience more efficient and to have enough sales assistance on the floor, given that more men ask for help than women at retail.