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Millennials, Boomers Have Similar Consumer Attitudes

AIMsights Group takes a look at how these two generations are influencing consumer spending.
March 21, 2014

​CHICAGO – Despite the discrepancy in age, baby boomers and Millennials are remarkably alike in consumer attitudes, Supermarket News reports. “We call them Zoomer Boomers. Like Millennials, they follow their passions and live in the moment,” said Robin Albing, principal at the AIMsights Group, during a panel discussion at the International Home + Housewares Show this week.

Whitney Ryan, Millennial associated at AIMsights, said retailers need to engage in “ping-pong branding” to reach both generations. With boomers living longer, more active lives, their influence on retail will continue.

Some trends that the panel predicts will stay in vogue include fresher ingredients and locally sourcing for cooking, coupled with an increasing attention to food canning and dehydration. Also, these two generations want to take care of the environment.

Boomers have embraced learning, and don’t mind being taught by the younger generation. Millennials ask boomers for financial and family advice, while boomers get technology training from Millennials.

“For the first time in history, the younger generation has a stronger set of specific skills and knowledge than the older generation. Our learning now flows in both generational directions,” said Albing.

For retailers, this interest in technology means that there will likely be more customers wanting to use mobile apps for shopping and other retail experiences. “Successful retailers need to have a mobile-first strategy,” said Albing.