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Manhattan 7-Elevens Go Vegan

Upper East Siders dig 7-Eleven fresh food offerings, opting for upscale snacks and vegan ready-to-eat-meals over Slurpees.
February 1, 2011

NEW YORK - A feature at reveals the foodservice role that 7-Eleven is playing as it continues its Manhattan rollout.

It€™s not Slurpees and cigarettes that are flying off shelves in 7-Eleven stores in the Big Apple; rather, Upper East Siders have been stocking up on fresh foods, upscale snacks, and ready-to-eat meals, especially the vegan variety.

"At first I was scared that no one would buy [the vegan meals], but we€™ve been selling a lot," said Das Sudhir, manager of the 7-Eleven on East 84th Street and York Avenue. "We have extras in the back so we don€™t run out."

According to 7-Eleven PR director Margaret Chabris, 7-Eleven has been offering pre-prepared vegan meals at 10 Manhattan locations, which include artichoke spinach noodles, pad thai, vegetable lo mein, and dumplings. Some locations are also stocking gourmet cheeses, Sudhir said.

Carlos Sosa, an electrician who works near Sudhir€™s store, expressed enthusiasm at 7-Eleven€™s prepared food options, saying he has purchased lunch there daily.

"It feels fresh €" it is fresh €" and it€™s tasty!" Sosa said, referring to the smoked turkey sandwich he€™d purchased.

Other shoppers who live nearby said they purchase food items from 7-Eleven because of the lack of supermarket alternatives.

"Most supermarkets [around here] are disgusting," said Adam Garfinkle.

7-Eleven plans to open roughly 100 additional stores in New York City within the next five years.