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NACS Leadership Challenge

Carter Hall Conference Center
Millwood, VA

The Industry’s Emerging Leaders Build Long-term Growth Skills at the NACS Leadership Challenge

The NACS Leadership Challenge provides rising leaders in the convenience and fuel retailing industry an invaluable experience to discover personal strengths that they can use to grow their career while creating a more profitable and performance-oriented environment within their company.

Results That Can Improve Your Bottom Line 
96% of past NACS Leadership Challenge attendees would recommend the program to their colleagues. Since the focus is on acquiring skills that participants can use on the job to improve their leadership and operational performance; participants experience real results in the workplace.

How it Works
This full-week program improves employee performance and leadership skills through a proven formula for success.  

Business Experience + Leadership Intelligence + Ability to Execute = Improved Performance

Using this formula, each participant brings in-depth, operational business experience (knowledge and skill) to the week-long intensive program. Through a variety of instructional methods, the program facilitators provide leadership intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, team effectiveness, coaching, performance management, etc.). Over five days, participants engage with each other through discussions, group projects, readings, and experiential activities – all designed to improve performance in the workplace and build the critical skills needed to become a leader in the industry.

Continued Learning and Improved Performance
The five days of the program are comprehensive and intense, but it’s just the beginning of the leadership development for participants. In the six months following the program, each participant joins a business team of their choosing to work on the store specific business challenge they most need to accomplish.

The business goals usually fall into three or four industry and store-level performance categories:

  1. Building sales and profits
  2. Reducing shrink or turnover
  3. Developing employees

In this time period after the program, participants are supported by other class team members who work similarly in their respective company's group of stores on the same challenge. Participants stay in close contact over the next six months to achieve their individual and company-specific goals and complete the program by presenting their results in an educational session at the 2016 NACS Show in Atlanta, GA.

The NACS Leadership Challenge offers district managers, supervisors or other convenience retailers that want to improve their work performance a unique opportunity to help grow their companies – and their careers.

The Hershey Company’s generous financial support of the NACS Leadership Challenge makes this industry-specific program attainable to the industry’s rising leaders.​​​ Registration is $2,995, which includes instruction, course materials, assessments, lodging and scheduled meals.​​​​​


 What Participants ARE SAYING


“I cannot even express how much the challenge has impacted all that I do personally and professionally. I get compliments from co-workers, my team, and my boss regularly that I am not the same person I was a year ago… I feel now that I can inspire more people and affect those peoples futures.”

- Kelley Bishop, District Manager, Tri Star Energy, LLC dba Dailys Convenience Store)

"The Leadership Challenge was one of the most amazing, memorable experiences of my career… What an incredible journey! I am now sharing these learnings with my team, and I am starting to see a difference in them. Complaints are down, turnover has leveled out, and internal promotions are on the rise. I see better teamwork as well – managers partnering and working more closely. Overall, just an incredible experience I would recommend for even the top leaders in our industry."

- Michael T. Runte, District Manager, Ricker's


 More Information


For any questions or to request more information, please contact:

​Carolyn Schnare
(703) 518-4248​​​

​Doug Reed
(703) 518-4236​​​